Thursday, October 1, 2020

Sampler September Wrap Up

I had every intention of posting every week for Sampler September.  That obviously did not happen!  I did end up rotating through all of the WIPs I intended to except for one and that one I'm going to destash.  Can't force love!  

I ended up having two finishes for the month.  The first one is the second in the series Springtime Pleasures by Barbara Jackson.  This little egg is TINY and is almost entirely specialty stitches.  The year is supposed to go down at the bottom but I wasn't feeling it so I may leave it blank if I don't figure out something later.  It was a fun stitch!
Springtime Pleasures by Barbara Jackson
Class offered through The Shining Needle Society

I also finished up Martha Pudsey by The Scarlett House last night.  Great way to end the month!  She was a fun stitch due to the funky colors and the border was loads of fun.  I've heard some people say the border reminds them of a string of Christmas lights.  Another fun stitch!
Martha Pudsey by The Scarlet House
40 count Lakeside Vintage Meadow Rue
Called for NPI silks
I'm not sure how it got to be October but we are enjoying a great fall day today in Florida.  The sun is shining and it's only supposed to be 82 today.  I'm truly enjoying it!

Until next time, I hope all your stitches are happy ones!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sampler September Week 1

I'm doing my own version of Sampler September this year.  I believe it was started a few years ago on IG but thought I'd post about it here too.  I'm defining this for me as a sampler of my WIPs.  I've pulled 20ish WIPs and hope to give each of them a day's worth of stitching.  Most are samplers, but not all and there are several teaching pieces included.  I may not make significant progress, in fact I won't, but I do hope that it will reignite the spark for the project.  

I'm only showing after photos as adding before photos would make this too photo heavy I think.

Up first was When Thou Art Rich by HATS.  I was at a spot - an entire row of queen stitches on a linen that was a similar color to the thread - where I was mentally blocked on this one.  I picked it up and something just clicked! I finished the row of queen stitches (which was only about 25% done) and started the satin stitch row below.  I'll definitely be coming back to this one soon.
Hannah Hammond by Gigi R was up next.  I was definitely not enjoying this last time I put this one away. I can't say that I love her now but we are in a better place.   Not a bad outcome.

This is a teaching piece by Jane Timmers of Fancy Work called Liberty Little Sewing Box.  This is for a class this fall.  There will be smalls and a box from LeHays that will be finished.  Super cute.
Mary Barres came out.  Hard to see but I completed the ghost alphabet and started that bottom motif.  She's a big girl and will therefore be a long term project.
Tocatta 1 by the Drawn Thread has not been touched in YEARS.  Why?  I have no idea!  It's so close to being completed except for the hem stitching which I've never done before.  This was, I believe, the very first SAL project of my stitching guild.
I started block 10 of Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow.  The black box outline was already stitched, I do that before I put it away.  Everything else was stitched on its day of stitching which was a weekend day.  Closing in on the home stretch on this one too.
I'd call week 1 a success!  If I focused, I could realistically finish 3 of these before year end.  Will that happen?  Probably not.  That's ok though!  

I hope you're having a great week and that all your stitches are happy ones!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Why Do I Do This?

I'm not sure why I put off a task I do not like that doesn't take any real amount of time.  Isn't it better to just get it done?  I have trouble remembering that.  Case in point, this scarf has been finished and blocked and sitting in my sewing room only needing the ends woven in.  It has taken FOREVER.  Today I got it done and it's now in my dresser waiting for cooler weather that is still several months away.

This scarf is the Chevron Scarf byJoelle Hoverson.  Super easy to knit and the 4 row repeat is really just a few stitch combos to remember.  It's long and thinner than I'd typically knit so I will probably wear it like it's shown in the photo below.  Doubled up.  In Florida, that's often all I need in winter - something to keep my neck warm.

Chevron Scarf by Joelle Hoverson
Claudia Handpainted Yarns Fingering
Tropicana and Caribbean colorways
US 4 needle (I'm a tight knitter and should have used a 5)

I feel good having that done!  What do you put off doing that you always think that it wasn't really that bad to just get it done?

I hope all your stitches are happy ones!


Monday, August 24, 2020


In the last week or so, I've had a chance to fully finish a couple of ornaments.  These were all stitched this. year and pinned to my quilting design wall to remind me to do the finishing. Typically, I make my own cording and sew it on.  This time I tried chenille and glued it on. Time will tell if that was a smart move or not but for now, I'm happy that they're fully finished!
Woodland Wish by Blue Ribbon Designs
Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
Called for Threads and possibly the called for linen in 40 count
Little Red Barn by Little House Needleworks
Called for Threads
Called for Fabric in 36 Count
Be Merry by Chessie and Me
Called for threads
Called for fabric 36 count

Here are all of them together!  I'm happy to know that my stitching tree will have new ornaments for this year.  Last year was a dud!  

 Happy stitches!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

More Sewing

I recently purchased an external hard drive for my Mac laptop.  I have an old laptop that went dark and I have about 5000 photos that are probably lost.  In those photos are some of my parents who are in their 80s and very ill.  I am now periodically backing up my photos.  The hard drive came without a case and I felt it needed to be protected.  I found some old, old, old French General fabric and sewed up a small zippered pouch for protection.  I used batting.  There is enough room for other things if needed.  It's not perfect, but it will do.
I also put together this block for my long languishing Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.  I started this as a BOM though Amitie Textiles in Australia many years ago.  Jen's style is outside my comfort zone especially when it comes to fabric selection.  I'm going with it as the BOM included all the fabrics etc.  I might as well use what I have and it's never a bad idea to try something outside your comfort zone in quilting.  I will say that her designs can really easily use whatever ugly fabric you might have.  They seem to work!
Wishing you a great week!  May all your stitches be happy ones!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Yankee Doodle Dandy

I have a quilting finish to share with you from a couple of months ago!  This is my Yankee Doodle Dandy quilt.  It was an easy and fun pattern.  Just what I needed for not sewing much recently.  I got a quilt kit from the designer as well which made things very fast as the kit came cut in 5" strips so I only had to subcut.  
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Maker Valley
I also joined the Fat Quarter Shop 2020 Mystery BOM (sold out) and I got my first block early this month.  I started to work on it right away and my first block is finished.
I've been really enjoying flowers from Trader Joes.  Most recently, I picked up peonies and they were gorgeous.  I've never had peonies in our home before but I think we will definitely be celebrating peony season each year from now on.   Fresh flowers have been bringing me joy!  What is bringing you joy during these crazy times?
I hope all your stitches are happy ones!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Stitch Maynia Week 4

I surely meant to post my update about week 4 of Stitch Maynia/Sampler Maynia before now but better late than never.  Week 4 saw me starting Hannah Hammonds from GiGiR.  I had kitted this up years ago when this was a sampler of the month from The Attic.  I had the Attic's silk conversion.  Gorgeous fibers and the linen is a Lakeside.
Here is where I ended up with Hannah.  I have to admit, I just wasn't feeling her and ended up stitching on her just a few days instead of the whole week.  There are quite a lot of over 1 stitching of motifs on her and I guess my brain just wasn't having it.
 I was pretty sure I was going to send her to File 13 but when I got her out to take these photos, I'm not so sure now.  Time will tell.
My first Sampler Maynia/Stitch Maynia, done my own way, was a success!  I had a Zoom gathering each Friday with friends and started my sampler for the week during that call.  It was fun to see the progress everyone had made and what they were starting.  I'll definitely participate again - in my own way.  I can't see myself starting a ton of projects.  Four was enough of a stretch for me!

I'll be back soon with a sewing/quilting update!  I hope all your stitches are happy ones!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Stitch Maynia Week 3

Week 3 of Stitch/Sampler Maynia was a good one.  I started Red Deer Sampler by GiGiR. I'm stitching this on 40 count Lakeside Linen Cedar Plank with the called for overdyed cotton.  The linen is darker than I normally work on and I thought it would be slow going.  That was not the case at all.  I'm really loving this one and it was very hard to put down.
 For week 4, I'm starting Hannah Hammond by GiGiR.  Here is the silks from The Attic Needleworks silk conversion for Hannah on the Lakeside Linen I'll be using.  It's 40 count in Vintage Light Examplar.   This is one of my favorite linen colors/makers.  The silks are luscious!
I hope your stitches are happy ones!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Total Framing

A couple of months ago, I sent out a couple of samplers to Total Framing (Sherri/Terri) for framing.  This was my first time using them and first time doing framing long distance.  I was really please with the process and the outcome.  I was texted photo options from a couple of angles and quickly made a decision.  Sherri is a stitcher so she gets us!  Terri may be as well but I do not know it if she is a stitcher.  The frame selection happened pretty quickly and then several weeks later, I got a call from John for payment as he was shipping my pieces back to me that day.  They were very well packed and arrived safely.  I use glass but everything was perfect.  
 Elizabeth Atkinson
Hands Across the Sea Samplers
46 count Silkweaver Golden Oats
Called for AVAS 100.3
 Heritage Sampler
Plum Street Samplers
36 Count Lakeside Linen Vintage Meadow Rue
Called for overdyed cottons
 I was so happy that I sent this BIG girl to Sherri and Terri for her spa treatment.  Can't wait to see what she looks like in a couple of months!
I hope you have a great weekend and I wish you happy stitches!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sampler Maynia Week 2

I'm going to try and update my Sampler/Stitch Maynia progress each week.  As a reminder, I am starting 4 samplers in May beginning May 1st and I will focus on stitching that sampler until the next new start a week later.

For week 2, I ended up selecting a sampler to stitch that was not in my initial plans.  I chose Mary Barres from Stacy Nash.  She's a big beautiful girl.  I'm using 40 count R&R Creme Brûlée and the called for Weeks Dye Works overdyed cottons.  Here is a terrible photo of how much I was able to stitch during the week.
The next two photos show a dilemma with one of the thread colors - specifically the Parchment color.  It's not showing very well on my linen.  There is a lower case alphabet using this color just under the upper case alphabet that is stitched in the rose colored thread.  Looking at the photo on the cover of the chart, this looks to be true to the antique.  I need to think some more about whether or not I'm going to keep the lower case alphabet as charted or make a change.  

If I make a change, what color would I change to?  Any ideas you'd like to share would be greatly appreciated!
My new start on Friday is Red Deer sampler by GigiR.  The border is unusual and beautiful.  The yellow so far seems to be a little out of place but I'm leaving it as it does seem to match what I see on IG on other posts about this sampler.  The linen color isn't photographing true to color and is probably more accurate in the 2nd photo.  It is 40 count Lakeside Linen Cedar Plank.  It's pretty easy to stitch on and Lakeside Linen is definitely my favorite linen.  I'm using the called for overdyed cotton on this from GAST.  I'm really enjoying this one!
Hopefully I can keep this up and be back next week with an update as to where I ended up with Red Deer and what I started next!  Hoping all your stitches are happy ones!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sampler Mania Week 1

Before I started Stitch/Sampler Maynia, I was working on Martha Pudsey.  The photo below shows where I ended up with her.  I typically do not stitch the entire border at once but I got into a rhythm with her and just kept going.  The photo below is not good but you get the idea!
May1st was the first Friday in my Sampler Maynia and I chose to start Sally Stansfield.  See the left border, I stitched that 3 times because I can't count and because Sally decided to add an extra stitch into an otherwise consistent border.  I also had most of the vase in but the third time I started it, I decided it would be a better idea to start in a different place.  I'm stitching her on 40 count Weeks on Zweigart Straw linen with the called for AVAS.
That's it for week 1!  I hope all your stitches are happy ones!

Friday, May 1, 2020

First Stitch Maynia

I am participating in my very first Stitch Maynia.  Normally the thought of Stitch Maynia makes me get twitchy!  I couldn't work on a different project every day or start a new one every day.  I *think* I can handle 4 and since there are no rules in Stitch Maynia, this meets the criteria!

Actually it is a Sampler Maynia as I have selected to start only samplers in May and only stitch on these 4 projects during Maynia.  I first heard the term Sampler Maynia on Ellen Chester's Instagram account.   If you do not already know Ellen, she is a prolific stitcher and an amazing designer and teacher.  You'll be glad you checked her out!  I LOVE Instagram, it's my favorite social media platform by far.  You can find me there as JackiesStitches.    I'd love for you to follow me or visit me there!

Let me back up a little, the whole idea started with my friend Teresa and I deciding to start a new sampler on Friday's in May.  Or maybe she decided and I got sucked in.  Yes, I think that is what happened!  Then we realized it fit the no rules Maynia.  Jill is joining in too but I'm not sure she is starting samplers.  She set up video chat tonight to start together and see what we are working on first.  She invited some other people too so it will be fun!

Anyways, enough of me rattling along. Here is what I decided to start in no particular order.  There is a definitely GigiR theme you will notice.  All of these were also already fully kitted and just waiting their turn to be grabbed for a new start.  

Hannah Hammond 1845 by GigiR with a silk conversion from The Attic Needlework in Mesa, AZ on 40 count Lakeside Linen in Vintage Light Examplar.
Red Deer Sampler by GigiR using the called for overdyed cottons on Lakeside Linen 36 count Cedar Plank.  I have a piece of 40 count I'd rather use but I think the margins would be tight.
Jane Southward by GigiR using a silk conversion from The Attic Needlework on 40 count Lakeside Linen in Vintage Sand Dune.
Sally Stansfield using the called for AVAS on 40 count Weeks on Zweigart Straw.
I'm still undecided as to which one I will start tonight but am leaning towards one for a very specific reason.    Let's see what happens tonight!

Are you participating in Stitch Maynia?  I'd love to hear your plan for the month.

Wishing you many happy stitches!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Mary Clayton

Mary Clayton is finished!  I'm not even sure I blogged about starting this one.  I started it on March 24 and finished it April 13th.  I SO enjoyed every single stitch!  Privately I call this my Pandemic Project and will always think of this time when I look at her.  Each stitch brought me comfort.

Do you do that as well?  Have specific memories that go with specific projects?  This is my second one that has such strong thoughts/feelings attached to it.  The first one is Pennsylvania Alphabet that I blogged about HERE.

Back to Mary Clayton!  She is petite - finishing up at just about 9x10" on my linen.  The linen I used was 40 count Silkweaver in the Precious Metals color way.  I LOVE this linen.  I used the called for AVAS silks, which I also love!

Mary Clayton from Hands Across the Seas Samplers
40 count Silkweaver linen in Precious Metals
Called for AVAS

I hope your stitching is providing you comfort during this time and that your family is well.  Wishing you all happy stitches!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Elizabeth Atkinson

Hello friends!  I hope you all are safe and well.  We are settling into our new routines.  I've been working from home for a while but the bank I work for has transitioned 95% of our workforce of a couple of hundred thousand to work from home.  My husband is also working from home as he his a licensed clinical social worker for our local school system.

In the past couple of weeks, I've finished Elizabeth Atkinson 1829 from Hands Across the Seas Samplers.  She is a fun stitch and isn't huge.  There is quite a bit of over 1 and a little bit of Algerian Eyelet.  I particularly love the border on her and that vase of flowers in the center bottom.

I stitched this on 46 count Golden Oats from Silkweaver.  I really liked the linen.  I used the called for 100.3 from Au ver a Soie.  I LOVED this thread!

I almost immediately sent this out to Total Framing and have selected a frame via text message and hope to have her back home soon.  I also sent along another piece to be framed too.

Hoping that you are finding calm in the storm and that all your stitches are happy ones!