Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Said I Was Knitting!

On New Years Eve, I finished this Monster Cowl.  I knit it as part of The Suburban's Stitcher's KAL on Ravelry.  It's really much prettier than it looks.  You can get the details on the yarn in this post.  Though looking back at that post I am reminded that I decided that I didn't like the gray.  Not the color, but the fabric.  So I pulled everything out and started with a new gray.  This time the same type of yarn in the gold and the garnet stripes.  It'll be cold enough tomorrow for me to wear this.  It will be appropriate since there is the day of a certain big game!  Go Noles!
I also started a new cowl, this one is the Duotone Cowl.  The cowl is knit as a tube then joined in the round when completed via the kitchner stitch.  The striping sequence reverses itself half way around too.  I watched the Craftsy Class Ins and Outs of Grafting.  It's FREE right now and was super helpful in understanding what is actually happening.  I am not a Craftsy affiliate, just passing along the info.  
Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn
MadelineTosh Tosh DK in the Dirty Panther and Dove Colorways
I've not sewn a stitch in weeks - before Thanksgiving.  I did, however, go into my sewing room to clean up a bit today.  Anyone interested in these HST's?  There are 144 of them and they're 2.5".  If more than one person is interested, I'll draw for it.  I got them in a swap and time to give them a home that can use them!
Have a great week, stay warm, and may all your stitches be happy!