Sunday, September 30, 2012


Heather's Theme-a-Licous theme for September was all about smalls.  I decided to go rogue and work on big projects instead.  Since I was on vacation at the beginning of September, I actually got a lot done compared to my typical progress.  I finished another block on Anniversaries of the Heart.  No personalization is being done on this until the end.  I have things sketched out in my head but need to do some planning before I start adding it.  As you can see, I also just started the border on the next block.  I've enjoyed this project so far and hope to finish it up next year.
In my last post, I gave you a sneak peek of a new project I was starting.  Actually, the sneak peek was just a picture of the linen and threads.  I started Shores of Hawk Run Hollow on our last day of vacation and was able to complete my first block.  I haven't touched it since but do hope to start the next block in November.  Block one was fun!
I'm often asked how I have the patience for stitching.  For me, stitching (as does knitting and quilting) gives me patience.  It soothes my mind and chases the stress away and obviously brings me much enjoyment.   I do wish it was just as easy to turn to exercise but ... ummm, that hasn't happened yet!  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Is This Thing On?

I hadn't intended to be gone so long.  Blogging seems to be one of those activities that once you stop, it's hard to get the ball rolling again.  So where have I been?  Well, I traveled for work for two weeks with a week of vacation in between.  Vacation was spent in the mountains.  The two days it didn't rain, we spent a lot of time in a couple of parks.  Having picnics, chatting, and enjoying each others company.  For me, a bit of stitching.  For Greg, a bit of jogging.  Perfect.
Our Picnic Spot

The other couple of weeks I missed was just life and getting caught up after being out of my site at work for three weeks.  Things are returning to normal.  I'm tired though and hope that my work travel is over for the year.  At this point, it looks like it is!

I missed the August Theme-a-Licious update.  Better late than never.  The theme for August was :

Embrace the Olympic motto--Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)--by elevating your mind. It's the perfect time to learn something new! Or maybe achieve some goals.. 

My goal was to get a knitting project on the needles and to make some progress on it.  The pattern called for a cashmere blend yarn but I wanted something "curl up on the couch cozy and warm" so I went with a bulky yarn.  Here is where I am at just less than 1 ball knit up.  This was really moving along until after vacation.  Not much has happened since then.    Septembers theme is about smalls - I'm going rogue and working on BAPs....more to come at the end of the month!
 On our last day in the mountains, I started a new stitching project.  Here's a peek.  I hope to show you more at the end of the month. 
Wishing you all a good week and happy stitches!