Monday, March 17, 2014

Fear Be Gone!

The funk is in full force but I do have two things to show you.  More zippered pouches!  These were made using this tutorial from Flossie TeaCakes.  I followed it exactly as described except I used fusible fleece and quilted the panels with straight lines.  I was a bit disappointed with my output because I wanted really square corners by the zippers.  I should have shortened my stitch length and probably trimmed my corners a bit closer.  My corners will be more square next time!

I was happy, however, with the zipper installations.  No issues there!  Who would have thought?!  I'm excited about that part to be sure!  These will probably find their way to my nieces (the youngest is really into guitars) at some point.
I'm so glad to be over my fear of zippers - YES, I can say that!   I am going to continue exploring different zippered pouches, working to improve my sewing skills.  I love learning new things and thankfully blogs make it really easy to learn.   I've always said that I'm inspired by all of you and I truly mean that.  I also learn from each of you who share your journey on your blogs.  Thank you for that!  I really does encourage me to dip my toe in and maybe {hopefully} one day master that skill.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014


My re-entry into quilting has been more of a slow ramp up versus a big dive back in.  I have, however, finished 4 of the big blocks (22 or 24") for the quilt I'm working on.  This isn't the layout and the photo isn't a good one but you get the idea.  I'm enjoying this - especially since I have a lot of the blocks cut out.  You can tell I didn't press these blocks for their photo shoot or remove threads.  
For the HSTs in this quilt, I'm trying a new to me ruler - the Bloc Loc ruler.  I bought the 6.5" size as I know I can square up a variety of sizes with this one.  I've always disliked how my ruler kind of rocked or slid when I was squaring up HSTs.  I also don't like removing the ruler, rotating the HST, lining the ruler back up before I could trim the 3rd and 4th sides.  With this ruler, all of that is eliminated.  First, square up the two sides like normal.
The key to this ruler is the channel/groove that runs diagonally through the center of the ruler.  This channel kind of catches on the seam and locks in - kind of like locking in seams as you sew.  
So instead of picking up, rotating, and lining up again, I just slide my ruler along the locked in seam , line up to my block size and cut the other 2 sides.  Super fast and not frustrating at all.  There is a video here that demonstrates how to use the ruler.  I don't often do the spin but can see where it would be safer to include that step going forward.
No slipping, no rocking and I think it is a faster method.  I purchased my ruler and this is not a sponsored posts - I'm just a happy customer!  Unlike many other rulers I've purchased, this one is one I'll use all the time.

It was a tough week at work this past week with a Reduction in Force taking place.  I'm ok (so far) but the teams I support were impacted.  Re-orgs are in place and the re-orgs will mean changes for many, including my team.  It'll be interesting to see what is to come.

In the meantime, I'm going to carry on as always and will enjoy what time I get with my needles.  I hope you have a great week and may all your stitches be happy ones!