Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making Progress - One Step at a Time!

I'm making progress with some of my WIPs.  This quilt top is assembled - just tons and tons of threads to cut.  I have no idea why I didn't cut them as I sewed each block but I didn't.  The machine I used at the time didn't have an auto thread cutter, maybe that's why?  So I need to cut threads, iron the top and piece/iron the back and it should be good to drop off at the quilters.   I decided to wait to show the whole quilt until later when it's completely done.  
Lesson Learned:  Take the time to clip threads as you go!

I also won this book from a giveaway Gene was hosting.  Thank you Gene!  I've been working on learning more about how to use my Go Cutter.  I've mastered basic square type shapes (no triangles yet).  I'm really relying on what I'm learning from this book for my next step...
....which is mastering strip cutting.  This one I have the most trepidation about as I'll be cutting on the fold.  I'll practice first but I really want to master cutting strips so I can cut binding strips.  I've already acquired my strip cutter in a 2.25" size.  I've found my bindings tend to be more full using that 1/4" less.  I also use 1 1/8" strips for single fold binding on smaller quilts.  I'll post about my experiences with the strip cutting when I actually get going.  I hope to use it on the quilt above!

Google reader is going away, have you heard?  I have no idea what I'm going to use.  I've been thinking of Blog Lovin' but haven't done much research.  I want to be sure that I can read my blogs in their entirety (unless the owner doesn't permit it) without having to click through unless I want to leave a comment.  Any thoughts or experiences you can share?  

The weekend is approaching and I hope you have a great one!  Thank you for your visits, your comments, your emails and your friendship!  

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I was this close to signing up for a Rainbow Jane BOM.  Deb is working on her Dear Jane and her Instagram photos are irresistible!  Then I remembered that I had 19 projects in progress, one of which is The Farmers Wife quilt.  So I decided to work on the green block - during which I realized I need another long term project like I need a hole in the head!  Some of these blocks take a lot of time!
The orange and red block I'd done some time ago and I don't think I shared it before.  I hope to have an update for you on my 19 projects soon.  I was down to 18 here.  I hope you each have a great week and that all your stitches are happy ones!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Lady's Worke Box

Two weeks ago, our EGA Chapter was fortunate enough to have Ellen Chester of With My Needle come for a workshop - A Lady's Worke Box.  The event was held at the beautiful and historic Riverdale Inn which is just a block or two from the river.  The day was an absolute delight!  If you've not taken one of Ellen's classes before, you're in for a real treat.  She really does give wonderful instruction and there is always extra bits of information thrown in.  This time Ellen shared some fascinating worke boxes from the 1800's with us.  
Here's a photo from one angle of the room.  We had 17 EGA members attend to include Carol, Carol and Linda from Orlando, Eleanor from Texas (who is also a beautiful basket weaver and rug hooker), Helen and Anna from Texas and Susan from Pennsylvania.  
This is Susan, she sat across from me and it was a joy to get to know her.  We have a lot in common! She is not only a stitcher, but a quilter and book worm.  We each also have a son the same age.
Ellen's class kits also include this something extra that is always so special to me - this is my second class with Ellen and this personalization always makes me happy.  It's another indication of just how much of herself Ellen puts into her teaching.  Every single thing is thought of.
One of our members, Henri, made this delightful card for us to sign and give to Ellen.  I wish the photo showed more of the detail on the card.  You might notice that the house on the card is modeled after one of the panels on the worke box project!
Henri also made these personalized covers for our class favor for each participant.  Look at the detail!
Inside the cover was a counting pin made by another member, Devon!  Each pin was different!
I don't have a picture of Melody but do want to thank her for her tireless efforts in putting the event together.  She planned the event plus organized the block of rooms at the Inn and planned dinner for two evenings.  I had so much fun!  You might want to visit Ellen's blog post about the day - her photos are so much better than mine.

I've worked on my project since the class but don't have enough done to show you yet.  I was in a bit of a stitching slump and this class and my EGA stitching session last weekend seems to have moved me forward.  

I'd like to share that I would have never thought to join a stitching guild in the past or thought to travel a distance for a class.  If you've never done either of those, I would really invite you to give it a try.  I have found both to be a valuable experience and it's amazing how much a shared loved of a needle art can bring people together who may not otherwise have met.  The inspiration and friendships have been a wonderful experience for me and I've learned so much!