Sunday, March 31, 2019

Happy New Year?

Hello!  I certainly didn't mean to be away so long.  No excuses!  I have been stitching though.  I'll share with you what I stitched on Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow today.  I'm using the called for linen in 40 count and DMC (because there are 60ish colors in this one).  

This is block 5.  Probably my least favorite block though I could not tell you why.   I apologize for the wrinkles.
More recently I've finished block 6.  This one went really fast for me.  I just love the spiders in this piece.  They really seem to add interest and capture my eye.  This block has one spider.  I stitched him very last.
Here is a picture of where Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow is to date.  I've taken to stitching the outline of the next block before I put this project away.  That's what you see happening in block 7.  I haven't started stitching the interior of the block and for now, I'm putting this one away.  I'll be happy I stitched the border already when I take it back out to work on.
I'm working on gathering my supplies for And They Sinned.  While I had almost everything threadwise in stash, I didn't have 3 skeins of Shutter Green, I had two.  So I ordered 3 more because I wanted to dye lot to be the same as this color is used in a very large area (the grass at the bottom).  I didn't expect such a significant difference in the colors.  They don't even look anywhere near the same color!  Better safe than sorry.  If anyone runs out of an older dye lot of Shutter Green, let me know!
I hoping to get back to posting on somewhat of a monthly schedule.  I enjoy the interactions and sometimes I just need to say more than Instagram allows.  Thank you for sticking with me during my silent periods.   You inspire me so much and I love visiting your blogs too if you have them!

Happy Spring!  May all your stitches be happy ones!