Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not So Scary!

I'm so excited to show you these zipped pouches that I made - my very first ones!  To be honest, zippers have always intimidated me.  Seriously intimidated me.  I decided long ago that Michelle's Dumpling Bag tutorial would be a good beginner project.   So I sat down and read the directions thoroughly and followed them carefully.  And I did it!!!  It didn't kill me either!
These are both the smaller version of the Dumpling Bag.  Not perfect but I'm happy with this first attempt!
And what's any girl who sews zippers supposed to do?  Start a zipper stash (from ZipIt) of course!
Now I'm going to go dance around the house while opening and closing the zippers that work perfectly!  Happy Stitches to you all!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I had a chance to spend some time in my sewing room this weekend.   I was supposed to go on retreat but felt that my foot (with achilles tendonitis) probably wouldn't do well with so many hours of being on the foot pedal.  I was right.  I had a good time on my own though - just not as much of it.  I was able to get this block sewn together this afternoon.  This is a large block - 22" or 24" from a BOM from 2012 from the Michael Miller Clubhouse BOM.
In the past week, I've also spent some time cutting out the monthly blocks and labeling the segments. This has taken a lot of time but I'll be happy it's done later.  I'm up to month 9.  The quilt shown to the far right (the red and white version) in the photo is the version I'm making. 
I'm glad that there are a lot of scraps left over!  I have mis-cut a couple of times.  The fabric included is generally either a WOF cut or a fat quarter so my mis-cuts haven't been a problem thankfully.  My scraps drawers are going to welcome this red polka dot!  The white fabric is a white on white polka dot.  I love a nice dotted fabric!
I've also been knitting - primarily on The Follow Your Arrow Mystery Knit Along project hosted by Ysolda Teague.  Week 4 clue is out tomorrow morning and I have just 2 rows left on Clue 3.  I'm surprised I'm keeping up!  The yarn is MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light in the Venetian colorway which is a deeper purple than shown in this photo.
On my last post, I offered up some HST's...they'll be going out to Dortha this week!

While I've not posted (Blogger has been fighting me with photos) lately, I have been doing better about using my free time more wisely.  That's mainly showing up in my knitting.  I also spent some time this weekend searching for a Blackbird Designs Stocking that I had stitched.  Clearly it's in a really safe place.  Ugh!  

What did you do this weekend?  I hope you had a chance to do something fun.  Thank you for your visits, your comments, and your inspiration!  Happy Stitches!