Monday, August 24, 2020


In the last week or so, I've had a chance to fully finish a couple of ornaments.  These were all stitched this. year and pinned to my quilting design wall to remind me to do the finishing. Typically, I make my own cording and sew it on.  This time I tried chenille and glued it on. Time will tell if that was a smart move or not but for now, I'm happy that they're fully finished!
Woodland Wish by Blue Ribbon Designs
Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
Called for Threads and possibly the called for linen in 40 count
Little Red Barn by Little House Needleworks
Called for Threads
Called for Fabric in 36 Count
Be Merry by Chessie and Me
Called for threads
Called for fabric 36 count

Here are all of them together!  I'm happy to know that my stitching tree will have new ornaments for this year.  Last year was a dud!  

 Happy stitches!