Sunday, January 25, 2015

Out of Deep Hibernation

I do have one goal for 2015.  I want to finish Anniversaries of the Heart!  I'm quite sure I didn't pull this one out for more than a minute in 2014.  I've already made serious progress in 2015 and stitched the November block.  Three more to go and ALL of the personalization (which isn't planned out yet). I can do it!  
I have been on an organizational frenzy lately.  It's not like we're unorganized but it was time to go through and look at everything in closets, drawers and cabinets with a critical eye and neaten and donate.  It feels good.  That said, I really haven't moved that thought into the sewing room BUT I did manage to find this BBD stocking that has been on a "field trip" for some time!  
I've also been stitching ornaments for the Christmas tree.  I want next years tree to have more than 2  stitched ornaments on it. Should I change the date on that?

I've started a new knitting project - a mystery knit along called Follow Your Arrow 2.  I enjoyed that last year and will share more about this on another post.  

For me, 2015 has started out feeling like a time of refreshment and renewal.   How does it feel to you?  I hope it has been good to you so far and that all your stitches have been happy ones!