Sunday, October 2, 2016

4 Years

Earlier this week, I finished up bock #8 on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  I changed up the text for this blog and dedicated it to my son, Chris.  From a young age, he's loved the water, particularly the beach.  Even as an adult, he spends time at the beach or on the water.  Also, I thought that if I dedicated one project to each of my sons in a similar fashion, that'll be one large cross stitch project of mine that they'll each keep when I'm gone.

Any idea how to keep those long stitches taut?  They were but ironing seems to have relaxed them considerably.  I pulled them to the back for this photo.  
This is Chris and my Mom (who has dementia) last year.  Oh how I love this kid!  Mom too!
With the completion of this block, I'm also done with Shores of Hawk Run Hollow as I left this block to the end.  It's been a fun stitch though I must admit I got bogged down on the double block. Once I got that done, the rest of the blocks seem to have flown by!

I can remember Chris catching a seahorse at Coquina Key when he was about 10.  When he was younger, we spent a lot of time there with friends.  His dad/my ex wasn't fond of the beach at all and he worked weekends so we'd take off for the day.  We would see dolphins and manatees from time to time as well.  He also caught a baby sting ray.  Of course, he released whatever he caught after showing me.  Lots of good times!
Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
Carriage House Samplings
40 Count Lakeside Linen Vintage Meadow Rue
Called for NPI Silks

For those of you stitching this,  I needed a third 993/black.  I don't think I did any more frogging than you'd typically expect on a project this size but needed a third skien.  If you're not using 40 count,  you may need more 671 (I only had a tiny bit left), 991, 522 and 208.

I thought I'd started this project in 2009 or 2010.  Looking back, I find that it was 2012 - 4 years to finish seems like a long time.  Now that it is done, that doesn't really matter does it?