Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inspiration and a Finish

Yesterday my LQS, Olde Green Cupboard, had their Sneak Peek t0 show their customers what classes they're going to have this next quarter. The Sneak Peeks are always so well attended that you need to get there when they open in order to have a place to sit. We get to hear about the projects and see samples. It's a good time! After I left, I felt inspired (which has been lacking lately). After not taking any classes last quarter, I'm certain I'm going to sign up for something this quarter. Since it's summer, they also have some quick project type classes - which are right up my alley right now. I need to get my sewing mojo back!
The lady on the left in the picture above is Faye - she is probably my favorite person to take classes from. She knows so much and loves to share it! The lady on the right is Gloria, the owner, who is the nicest person and so very funny. Most of Faye's classes are during the day this time around so I'm going to be trying out some new teachers. One day, I won't have to worry about showing up at work but in the meantime, I can only take classes at night. I am playing the lottery though to see if I can turn that around!
This class had 2 samples to view. What a huge difference fabric choices make!

I also finished my nieces bolero. Well, it needs to be blocked and the buttons sewn on but it my world, this still qualifies as a finished project because the ends are woven in. I hate that part! This was still a quick knit even though I had to knit the body twice as I didn't follow the pattern correctly.

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Children's Neck Down Bolero #275
Ravelry Link for more photos!
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherds Worsted in Purple Club and Grapevine
Needles: US 8 and Addi 9

Friday, June 26, 2009

Breakfast on the Water

A couple of Sunday's ago, G & I got up and had a nice breakfast (just the 2 of us) at a local restaurant on the Intercoastal waterway. It's a nice place to sit outside and watch the yachts go by while you eat. No yachts in the picture below but here is the view of the water. We had a leisurely breakfast, chatted, and I knit a few rows on my socks before our food came.
I really should say it WAS a nice place to sit outside. As I write this, it's after midnight and still 80 degrees. The days in Florida have gotten so hot that it's unbearable to be outside-at least for me. I know some areas of the country is experiencing cooler than normal weather. We could use some of that. I'm looking forward to the fall where we can go back and do this again!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Over!

My vacation is officially over. I use the word MY because G doesn't go back to work until July 1st when he moves to a 12 month position with the school system. It's Sunday evening and I'm already mentally planning my day at work tomorrow.

We had a great time. I didn't do any sewing at all and very little knitting. I did start a knitting project but I can't show it here at this time as it's a gift for someone who might read this blog. If you're a Ravelry member, you can see it here. I read 5 books while we were gone and we watched quite a few movies. Some good sleeping too with the windows open and the cool breezes coming in. We did a bit of hiking. Not as much as we wanted to because I got a blister. I had gotten new hiking shoes and broke them in but the flat landscape of Florida isn't anything like what we were on. I really think I'm going to end up wearing a different sized shoe on each foot in order to fix the issues I'm having.

I didn't take many pictures which is unlike me. This is a bit of the Appalachian Trail. We didn't get to hike much of it (it's quite a job for me just getting there) but this is a lovely spot to take a rest on those logs. There was also the remnants of a fire there so while it's not a shelter, seems like some hikers have spent the night there.
This was taken on Slaughter Gap Trail which meets up with the Appalachian Trail.
I'm not sure but I think this is at Anna Ruby Falls.
The Wednesday before we left, I finished my No Purl Monkeys!
I don't currently have any socks on the needles. I'll have to fix that soon! In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my last few hours in a Zen state of mind.......

Thursday, June 11, 2009


New yarn has arrived! 9 balls. I have a big project in mind for this. Not sure when I'll set started but it's safe to say that it will NOT be a quick knit. I'm slow and it's a lot of yarn! It's all the same colorway which should make things interesting!
I'll be out of pocket for a bit. I hope everyone is enjoying their stitches!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tired but in a Good Way

It's Sunday night and I'm pleasantly tired after a busy weekend. It most likely has to do with spending an hour and a half at the gym late today though. I have a feeling I'm going to sleep well tonight! Yesterday G and I went to Weight Watchers and spent most of the rest of the early afternoon running errands, then coming home and getting ready for a party at a coworkers house. Had a great time - the food was good and the company was even better! Lots of fun.

There has been playing with fiber going on. I've fully turned the heel and working on the foot of the 2nd of my No Purl Monkey Socks (Ravelry Link). These have been a lot of fun! I'm already wondering what sock to cast on for next.......
I've done some sewing and rotary cutting. These aren't as wonky as they seem. They're unpressed and I wanted to quickly take a photo so I didn't worry about straightening them up.
I also bought some more reds for a future quilt. I'm taking these with me on vacation. Maybe I'll buy some more fabric to go with it while we're gone. I'm thinking I'd like to do this with simple squares set on point. I need to find a tutorial that shows me how to do that. If you know of one, please let me know!
Remember in a prior post, I mentioned that the reds made my muslin seem yellow? I end back and purchased the muslin I passed over before as it seemed to be blinding white. Look at the difference! The one on the right doesn't look bad on it's own. Put it next to a true white and it looks really, really yellow.
LESSON LEARNED: Don't trust my memory when selecting fabric!

I've spent the last 2 weeks thinking about the sewing and knitting to take on vacation. Lots of ideas. Printing away patterns. Thinking about yarns. Making sure I have thread. Looking through books. I honestly think I'll be taking more books and fiber stuff than I will clothes! Early this week, I'll start the written lists (right now it's all in my head) and pulling stuff out. Thankfully G understands and won't say once "Are you sure you need this?" or "You're taking too much stuff". Don't you just love a man who supports your fiber habits?!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Playing with Fabric

You know how when you're new at something you feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to making decisions? It is just me or is it difficult sometimes to just get started on something? I'm a bit stuck on my present quilt and just could not decide what to do next. So I decided to get some fabric and cut it. Just get started. Is it going to be perfect? Probably not. But I have to get started somehow. So I ironed a few things and cut a few things. Maybe this weekend I'll sew some things together. Do I know where I'm going with this? Nope. That's ok!

This happened to me when I started knitting too and with each project it became easier to pick the next project and the yarn that would go with it. I expect that will happen with quilting too. I'm looking forward to it!