Monday, April 25, 2011


I've finished Jenny Bean Halloween!  I enjoyed every minute of her.  
Shakespeare's Peddler
Jenny Bean Halloween
Gentle Art JBH Sampler Pack
Lakeside Linen 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley

The picture looks wonky but it's not.  I was taking the picture with one hand while holding the scroll up in the air against the side of the house.  Between all that and the wind, I'm happy the picture is not blurry.

Happy Monday and Happy Stitches!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New to Me!

I've ventured again into the area of things that are new to me.  So far it's all enjoyable!

I worked on my Stitchers Garden blocks (BOM from last year) this weekend.  These 6 blocks used a new to me technique - bobbin work.  I hand wound DMC (as it comes with all 6 strands) onto my bobbin.  I purchased a new one so I could play with the tension.  Many sewists and quilters are skilled enough to mess with bobbin tension - I am not and I wanted to make sure I had a bobbin I could sew with.  Since the DMC is in the bobbin, these blocks were sewn with the back of the fabric facing up.  Kind of fun!  This method was used for the applique and the block around the flower petals.
I'm also reading a new way.  On a Nook!  I decided to get one as I'm traveling more for work.  My library has a modest e-book circulation with long waits so I joined the Philadelphia Free Library.  They allow out of state residents to join for a very nominal fee of $35.  I've gotten 3 books so far and am quickly adapting to this method of reading.  I thought I would NEVER enjoy an e-reader.
I also desire to venture into the arena of modern quilting.  I picked up some Amy Butler and Sugar and Spice at my LQS.  The Sherbet Pips layer cake I won from Thelma and the Dream On I won from Megan.  I have a pattern in mind for the Sherbet Pips and for the others just some general ideas.  I need to get some solids to co-ordinate with these.  I've never used Kona Solids or Moda Bella Solids - nor have I ever seen them so this should be interesting!  Any ideas for patterns or co-ordinating solids would be very welcome.  This is outside my comfort zone!

The hopping from this to that continues.  No real focus on anything for any great length of time.  The finish I hoped to show you didn't materialize.  It will eventually!  Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Attention Please!

I seem to be having a lack of focus these days.  I'm working on a little bit of everything and not getting much accomplished on any one project.  I ripped out my most recent knitting project completely and started over (I was pretty close to being finished with it).  Worked on 3 stitching projects.  I also worked on two different quilting projects that I think will never be finished.  Here are the latest two blocks from my Stitchers Garden quilt.  The pink flower was supposed to have ribbon on the petals but I didn't like it so I ripped it out.  Ripping blanket stitch isn't fun.  On the block to the right the wavy part of the flower is rick rack which I enjoyed.  I'd love to use it again in another quilt.  
I'm hoping my weekend will end with a finish to share with you next week!
Please enjoy your weekend and Happy Stitches!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jan's Book!

As you've heard me talk about before, my instructor for our Jo's Little Women Club is Jan Vaine.  Jan's book, The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery, Embellishment and Applique has been released!  Jan's book can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble web sites (I can't get links to work in this new blogger with my Mac - ugh!).  Jan came to our quilt shop for a book signing.  
She also brought the quilts that were photographed for the book.  I don't know why I didn't get a picture of this entire quilt because it's certainly the star of the show.  Her father even used the instructions in the book and made a square that's included in the quilt.  Isn't that so fantastic?
A closeup of a center block of another quilt.

As you can tell, Jan is an extremely talented quilter.  I have learned so very much from her and feel very fortunate to have her as my instructor.
The same day we had our Jo's Little Women Club meeting.  Judy brought two of her finished projects.  I love her use of the cheddar color in this one.
This is just the top but it's so cute!  I haven't even started this one.
The last two weeks have been extremely busy.  I've had two business trips which required late Friday night travel and Sunday travel.  Weekend time is very sacred to me and I cannot say that I enjoyed business travel at that time.  I came back to two consecutive days of 8 hour training as a student.  It required me to give a presentation to my peers on Friday which I prepared for until  very late Thursday.  I did well so it was worth the extra time.  Needless to say,  I'm looking forward to a couple of quiet weeks!  I spent a little time in my sewing room today and hope to end the day with some stitching and some knitting.  I hope your weekend has been full of stitches too!