Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thank You Gene!

A while back (ahem....2 years ago), all of blog land was buzzing about a particular item.  Bloggers were using them and holding giveaways.  I faithfully entered all that I could find - I really wanted one.  Well, I didn't win one.  That year, my sweet husband bought me one.  By that point, I had seen some of those same bloggers post videos on how to use the machine.  I got intimated.  And needed time to research how to use it - after all there were all those videos to watch! So there it sat.  What was it?  It's an Accuquilt GO cutter.  About 10 days ago, Gene Black (from Gene Black-Alabama Artist blog) sent me an email based on a comment I left on his blog and he walked me through using the GO cutter thru a series of emails.  It was exactly what I needed! 
He explained to me about lengthwise grain and how to line it up.  Today, I took what Gene shared with me and started working through some scraps.
It wasn't long before I had a pile of 2" squares stacking up.  I certainly got more cut out than I would have with a rotary cutter.  And more accurately cut out.  I really dislike cutting fabric and this wasn't so torturous!  Gene, thank you SO much for your patience and encouragement.  
The only other sewing related thing accomplished this week was getting my We Bee Learning Bee block for December pieced.  My bee mate selected this block and specified a white background with bright solids.  It was a fun block.  I'm sad to send this one off!
We Bee Learning block for Liz who requested bright solids.
I've been on Instagram for a year or so but have become active in the last couple of weeks.  If you happen to have an Instagram account and you'd like to follow me, I'm JackiesStitches there.  I'd love to follow you too.  My photos posted there won't be typically found here.   

Greg and I are taking having a relaxing holiday season to an extreme - in that we've done NOTHING!  To add to that, there is a big release at work and I'm going to be a busy exhausted girl.  Yikes!  We'd better get busy.  I hope you have a great week and may all your stitches be happy ones!

Sunday, December 2, 2012


For Heather's Theme-a-Licious project, November was Nail it November.  I nailed finishing block #3 of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow, stitching almost all of this while I was on vacation mid-month.  I pretty sure I've posted a Theme-a-Licious post for each month, though I haven't always linked up in time on her blog.  Unfortunately, I've stitched very little since we've been home.
Here is my November block for the We Bee Learning Bee.  The yellow center is a bit bright in this picture.  I have to say, I really love the yellow and gray combination.
We Bee Learning Bee Block for Toni
I've also been working on getting this quilt ready for quilting.  I've pieced and ironed the back and spent some time clipping threads on the back.  A lot time.  Evidence can be found below.  I am not fond of clipping threads.  On the other hand, it's a shame this quilt top has sat for a year waiting to be quilted.

How much time do you spend clipping and ironing before dropping off a quilt?  I iron as I go but I could probably spend 4 more hours ironing.  When do you say it's done?
I've also been working on assembling my Cotton Club quilt.  I have the centered assembled and two borders on.  Only the last border to go - it's mitered and will be my first mitered border.  Yikes!  I'm going to use Marti Michell's ruler.  Fingers crossed.  I have to get the border fabric cut out properly first.

I have a few days off at the end of the month that I'm really looking forward to.  It'll be the first vacation time we've spent at home this year.  It'll be nice to have some quiet after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  I'm trying to take a very relaxed approach to the season this year.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime, may all your stitches be happy ones!