Sunday, November 30, 2014


I finally got around to weaving in the ends, blocking (my favorite! ha!) and photographing my latest knitting finish.  It will most likely be my last knitting finish of the year.  This one gave me fits because I didn't set up the pattern in Knit Companion and instead chose to use a printed pattern with a post it note.  Bad idea/never again!  I kept losing my place because the sticky note lost its stickiness.
Shibui Knits Sock Colorway #323

We had a great Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and MIL.  Just 6 of us this year.  The nice thing is that with my online shopping over the weekend, we're about 75% done with Christmas shopping.  We just need to wait for it to arrive, wrap it, and ship part of it back out.  We will host Christmas too so there is quite a bit to be done between now and then but we're definitely not feeling any pressure at the moment!  Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season.  May all your stitches be happy ones!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Back From Vacation Giveaway!

October was a busy month and it's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  About a month ago, Greg and I went on vacation to the Smokies.  It rained EVERY day but one but we made the best of it and had a good time.  Our vacations these days are about disconnecting from the world and spending quality time together.  Mission accomplished.  If you've never been to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, it's truly delightful and you need to put it on your list!  We saw chipmunks, deer, turkeys and even a black bear in the park.  Just the recharge we needed!
I've not been sewing much but this weekend I managed to get a couple of applique blocks done for a quilt that almost has all the blocks done.  I also clipped threads and ironed another quilt for the quilter.  That part wasn't fun but I did rather enjoy the time I spent in the sewing room today.  It felt rather good.  Even the cleanup I started with felt good.
photo 1
Now to the giveaway part!  I've realized I probably won't be using this cute journal from Aneela Hooey.  The first half of this is blank paper and the second half graph paper.  Perfect for notes and sketches.  If you're interested, leave your name (plus email address if your profile doesn't have it) and I'll pull a name this upcoming weekend.  Thank you all for sticking with me.  I know I'm not blogging that much and while I'm not quitting, posts will continue to be infrequent.   I do still read your blogs and enjoy learning from you and seeing what you're doing!  You all are so inspiring!

***Giveaway is closed!***