Friday, May 1, 2020

First Stitch Maynia

I am participating in my very first Stitch Maynia.  Normally the thought of Stitch Maynia makes me get twitchy!  I couldn't work on a different project every day or start a new one every day.  I *think* I can handle 4 and since there are no rules in Stitch Maynia, this meets the criteria!

Actually it is a Sampler Maynia as I have selected to start only samplers in May and only stitch on these 4 projects during Maynia.  I first heard the term Sampler Maynia on Ellen Chester's Instagram account.   If you do not already know Ellen, she is a prolific stitcher and an amazing designer and teacher.  You'll be glad you checked her out!  I LOVE Instagram, it's my favorite social media platform by far.  You can find me there as JackiesStitches.    I'd love for you to follow me or visit me there!

Let me back up a little, the whole idea started with my friend Teresa and I deciding to start a new sampler on Friday's in May.  Or maybe she decided and I got sucked in.  Yes, I think that is what happened!  Then we realized it fit the no rules Maynia.  Jill is joining in too but I'm not sure she is starting samplers.  She set up video chat tonight to start together and see what we are working on first.  She invited some other people too so it will be fun!

Anyways, enough of me rattling along. Here is what I decided to start in no particular order.  There is a definitely GigiR theme you will notice.  All of these were also already fully kitted and just waiting their turn to be grabbed for a new start.  

Hannah Hammond 1845 by GigiR with a silk conversion from The Attic Needlework in Mesa, AZ on 40 count Lakeside Linen in Vintage Light Examplar.
Red Deer Sampler by GigiR using the called for overdyed cottons on Lakeside Linen 36 count Cedar Plank.  I have a piece of 40 count I'd rather use but I think the margins would be tight.
Jane Southward by GigiR using a silk conversion from The Attic Needlework on 40 count Lakeside Linen in Vintage Sand Dune.
Sally Stansfield using the called for AVAS on 40 count Weeks on Zweigart Straw.
I'm still undecided as to which one I will start tonight but am leaning towards one for a very specific reason.    Let's see what happens tonight!

Are you participating in Stitch Maynia?  I'd love to hear your plan for the month.

Wishing you many happy stitches!


woolwoman said...

I hadn't thought about doing MAYnia because like you I'm not starting something new every day or working on something different every day although I certainly could ! Sampler MAYnia the way you are approaching it sounds interesting. Wonder how you decided on so many GiGi samplers - that was interesting too. The silks and linens are so gorgeous. I hope you have fun with it - it's supposed to be fun right! Happy May Day! Mel

Marilyn said...

Great choices for Stitch Maynia!
These are all beautiful.
I am not participating because I have several WIPS to finish.
Love to see everyone's work though.
Have a great weekend!

moosecraft said...

Lovely selections for Maynia! Samplers are always so enjoyable to stitch. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :-)

diamondc said...

Jackie: I am envious of people who can have more then one project going at a time, I need to see a stitch finish from start to finish, then they wait to be constructed.
Your Sampler are positively beautiful, I like them all, i will be watching for the progress on them as time goes by.
Stay Healthy


Barb said...

Love love seeing what you are going to do next...good luck with all that stitchin.

Robin in Virginia said...

Jackie, I enjoyed reading about your Sampler plans for Maynia! I look forward to seeing your starts and progress on these samplers during the month of May either via Instagram or your blog. No Maynia plans for me; each month I write out a list of goals/projects I either "need" to work on (i.e., gifts) or "want" to work on (for me), so May really isn't any different for me than the rest of the year. I do enjoy seeing everyone's take for Maynia along with the projects. Because you know, enabling! Have a wonderful weekend!

Marie said...

Hi Jackie, I love all your stitcheries. I have trouble thinking about one thing let alone four would blow my mind . I remember being able to load the big quilt machine at least twice and finishing them binding too and sometime be on to the third, Those days have been so long ago. I am going to make myself get busy. I have started trying to go for a walk each day to the end of my street and I have succeeded for two weeks. Take are and I look forward to seeing your progress. Hugs, Marie

Margaret said...

Oh gosh, I love all your choices! I'm a monogamous type, so any type of stitchmaynia wouldn't work for me. I finished Ann Roberts, and found the EF 1864 sampler languishing in my UFO drawer. So I'm working on that now! I'm enjoying it so far! I look forward to hearing how your stitchmaynia is going!

Robin said...

Just now catching up on posts.....I am anxious to read your more recent posts to see your progress. You picked some beautiful samplers.