Monday, October 21, 2019

October's Doings

October has turned out to be a busy month.  Shocking how fast the year has flown by.  At the beginning of the month,  my EGA guild had a fabulous lecture from Cissy Bailey Smith of Gentle Pursuit Designs on Scottish samplers.  The entire crowd was captivated and I learned a lot!
I've also been sewing a little bit.  I have started a mini spider web quilt.  It was a kit I purchased from Westwood Acres Fabric and the fabric is from Cotton and Steel.   This block is WAY outside my comfort zones with all the bias edges.  I'm pushing through but at this point, I can't say that I love it.
 In the sewing room, I'm trying a wool pressing mat.  My old pressing station by my sewing machine that I use for individual blocks, etc was in bad shape so I figured why not try something new?
I've also finished piecing my Yankee Doodle Dandy quilt.  It needs to be ironed and quilted.  In the photo below you can get a general idea how it will look.  The blue star section is over the back of the chair.
And just because, here is a photo of Murphy who is learning to be in the sewing room with me and not be a handful.  I'm not sure how successful we are so far but we have made progress!
I doubt I'll be back before month end.  Have a happy Halloween and I hope all your stitches are happy ones!


Marilyn said...

That looks like it's going to be a beautiful quilt.
Yankee Doodle Dandy is looking great.
Murphy is too cute.
Our neighbors across the street have a dog named Murphy also.
Happy Halloween!!

diamondc said...

Jackie: What a lucky Lady you are to be able to have Cissy at your EGA, she has fantastic designs.
I love the spider quilt design, I hope you share a photo when it is finished.
The Yankee Doodle quilt is lovely.


diamondc said...

Tell Murphy what a little cutie pie he is.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your patriotic quilt looks good. It sounds like you had a fabulous lecture on Scottish samplers. How do you like the wool felt ironing pad? Murphy is a cutie!

Margaret said...

Everything looks great! The spider web blocks sound challenging with bias involved -- yikes! I hope Murphy cooperates and learns to be a good boy!

woolwoman said...

the spider web quilt block looks amazing. Figures it complicated and it shows ! Love the patriotic one too. Murph is too cute - looking all innocent - I'm a good boy mommy look! what no stitching update?
glad you are sewing again

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I want to see your spider web quilt when it's done! I think it will be really cute. =)

Your Murphy is a doll!!

Marie said...

Hi Jackie, I love all your work and it is nice to see your quilt tops too. Your little Murphy is so cute!!! Have a great day. Hugs, Marie

Andrea said...

Beautiful quilt tops. I'm sure Murphy will learn to be a good little helper.

Carol said...

Looks like you had a fun and interesting October... I'm sure you loved hearing Cissy Bailey Smith speak--it's always fun to learn new things. I hope you get more comfortable with the mini spider web quilt. It looks pretty complicated to me, but I know nothing about quilting :) Never heard of a wool pressing mat, but I bet it is handy and much better than an ironing board like I use!!

So nice to have Murphy nearby without him getting into everything--I guess he is maturing! How is your mom, Jackie?