Sunday, August 18, 2019


Hoping you are having a fun summer!  It's blazing hot here in Florida and feels like a sauna.  We've been busy with a variety of activities.  I've been stitching almost every day which is unusual for me.  I've slightly changed my work schedule and that seems to give me more time and more energy for stitching.  

If I missed replying to your comment on my last post, I had a Blogger issue where I wasn't getting notified of comments.  That issue has been corrected now.  I SO appreciate your visits and comments as well as your friendship.  Thank you!

I've started and made great progress on Maria Phinney 1832 by Shakespeare's Peddler.  This is the first project in the 2019 in Country Sampler's ABC Schoolgirl Needlework Club.  The colors in this are very muted and browny but I am enjoying it immensely.  This came with 36 count Weeks linen in Straw and I substituted this for the same count/color etc for the new Weeks on Zweigart which I purchased from Sassy Jacks Stitchery.  I needed a little less wiggly fabric.  If you're stitching this, you're going to need an extra skein of the Fawn color.
Maria Phinney 1832
Shakespeare's Peddler
Called for Threads
36 Count Weeks Straw on Zweigart Base

July included a visit from our niece and nephew from Arizona.  The photo below shows my husband with Jack in the middle and Sophie in the lower left all wearing their hats we bought to shade their face and neck from the sun.  We had a great visit.  The kids are super polite and well behaved.
One. of the activities we had planned was surf fishing.  My oldest son was in charge of that activity.  Jack caught a small fish and they cut it up for bait.  He told Jack that they could catch a shark with it and within minutes Jack had caught a baby hammerhead.  Cool, but kinda scary if you think about it for a minute or two!
Then last week, my favorite guy in the whole world turned 50.  We had dinner out and he ate every bit of this ice cream cake himself.  Since it was a big birthday, I surprised him with an Apple Watch which he is enjoying. 
It is morning here and Murphy and I are just up today.  Greg is still sleeping.  Here is Murphy not understanding why he has to go outside to do his business before he gets to eat.  It's been 45 minutes since we've been up!  I'm off to convince this guy to go outside.  He's as stubborn as can be!
Hoping all your stitches are happy ones!


Vickie said...

Maria is so wonderful Jackie. I have been enjoying watching your progress on IG. Wow! Fishing for sharks!! Yikes! Impressive! Happy Birthday to your husband! I just turned 50 too! Know how that feels. ;) Sweet Murphy. Our Murphy was stubborn too! HA!

diamondc said...

Hi Jackie: I love the photo of your husband niece and nephew so sweet.
I love that your nephew is so excited about the hammerhead, so sweet.
I love the sampler you are working on, it is beautiful.
I hope your weather gets cooler.
Have a great week.


Marilyn said...

Maria is looking great.
I heard WDW was now using Zweigart as a base, I don't like the other stretchy linen too much either.
Looks like your niece & nephew had fun.
Happy Birthday to your husband.Murphy is too cute!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your sampler is looking fabulous! I know Weeks is using Zweigart for their higher counts and I hope they will decide to use it for their lower counts. Happy birthday wishes to that handsome man of yours! It looked like the niece and nephew had a good time. Enjoy your week, Jackie!

Margaret said...

Love your sampler progress! Maria is gorgeous! Looks like you had fun with your niece and nephew. A baby hammerhead? Yikes! Happy belated birthday to your DH!

Carol said...

Your nephew is going to have the best story to tell on his "What I did on my summer vacation" essay when he returns to school, Jackie! I can't imagine how exciting/scary that must have been!

Love, love, love your sampler--beautiful threads and fabric combination!

Happy Birthday to your husband--the cake looks fabulous :)

RJ said...

Hi Jackie! Sorry I have not been here sooner ... I've been at a week reunion with our six best friends from college at a resort in South Carolina.

Maria is gorgeous...such detail! I love everything about it.

Your vacation with your nephews looks like so much fun. They will certainly remember this trip.

Happy belated birthday to your husband. Looks like he really enjoyed it. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your beautiful stitching really caught my eye. I just had to follow you as we have lots in common. I also cross stitch, crochet/knit and quilt...a jack of all trades, a master of none is how I put it. I also enjoy when stitchers include a little info about their lives and where they live. I've learned so much about our world from such visits. So Happy Stitching from me outside Ottawa, Canada.

woolwoman said...

catching up on blog reading Jackie as I'm on this over 4 hour conference call with techs (sigh) Love your sampler - I don't believe I've seen that one. Murph is so cute - what a big personality! Greg looks great eating his birthday cake - glad your relatives had a good vacation in Fl. Take care mel