Sunday, September 17, 2017

More Finishes?

I've pulled out a project started long, long, ago when I was a fairly new stitcher.  Teresa and I traveled to The Attic Needlework in January 2011 for A Primitive Gathering and this was one of the projects from Linda of Chessie and Me.  The project is called Needlebook of Stitches.  We assembled the cover in class and made the cording.  We did a little bit of stitching as well.
The inside is really a sampler of stitches.
The linen is stitched onto wool.
The back cover has some cording with which a pair of scissors can be tied.  The front cover can be used to store spare needles.  When I got home, I finished almost all the stitching except for some of the nunn stitches on the border of the "pages".  This finished really quickly when I pulled it out and realized I was pretty close to a finish.  It's not my best work but it's a project that reflects my journey as a stitcher and I'm very ok with that!
Today, I actually turned on the sewing machine and used it!  I made a grime guard using the tutorial from The Left Handed Stitcher.  Here is also a great tutorial from Tonya at Tonya Stitches if you only have a fat quarter of fabric.  I've learned a couple of things to improve on my next time around but for now, this is good.  You can also see my new start - Heaven and Nature Sing from Kathy Barrick.  This has been fun to stitch.  I'm using NPI and 40 count Lakeside Linen Vintage Pecan Butter.
Last week and the end of the week before was all about Hurricane Irma and prep and then cleanup.  We are high and dry/not in an evacuation zone so we stayed.  It was a 5 days of prep/waiting and then several days of cleanup.  I was outwardly fairly calm but I had a headache for 5 days.  Here is a video from the hospital where my son works.  The entire city has felt the impacts in one way or another.   I've heard from many of you checking to see if we are ok.  I so much appreciate that!   

Hoping you have plenty of time with needle and thread this week and wishing you happy stitches!


Vickie said...

Your needlebook of stitches is great Jackie. I watched the video with the hospital. :( I am glad you and your family are alright now. It will be so very, very long til your state recovers. :(

Candi said...

That is great that you faired well in the storm. Sadly I am sure the clean up in most areas will take a while. As for your stitching it is beautiful and I love 40 count, I often adjust projects to use 40 count.

Robin in Virginia said...

Jackie, your book of stitches looks great. Your deer piece is looking good. Nice looking grime guard that you put together! I am relieved that you and yours are okay. Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

You have really been accomplishing a lot! Nice work. Glad to hear you fared well through the hurricane! Hugs!

ruthsplace said...

Lovely finishes.

I'm so glad you came through Irma OK. I've been worried for my Florida friends.

Margaret said...

Everything looks great! I'm so glad you survived Irma and are safe and dry. The video -- wow.

woolwoman said...

Jackie the video from St V was so moving - I'm so glad I let it play to the end to see the rainbow and the verse from Genesis. Brought a tear to my eye. This is my first day back in the office and the damage to our beautiful St Johns Quarter is simply unfathomable. We are so lucky here at the Bensel House. I love your Heaven and Earth piece - it's so beautiful! the finish from the Attic workshop in cool - glad you finished it up. Cheers Mel

Barb said...

I have never heard of a grime it to protect your project while stitching? Forgive my ignorance

Brigitte said...

Glad that you were safe and dry during the hurricane and a relief to know that you didn't suffer major damage from Irma.
Book of Stitches looks wonderful and it's great that you could finish it. I also have a project started years ago but when I wanted to finish it I saw that I had lost the instructions for the finishing. Bad luck. I also love the Kathy Barrick piece that you are stitching on right now.

Carol said...

What a powerful video from St. Vincent's, Jackie--just can't imagine all that your fellow Floridians are going through. It looks less and less like my husband's parents will be able to save their home. Still no power in their part of Naples and the mold just keeps popping up everywhere.

Glad you finished that pretty needlebook and I do love your new start. I have that chart, too, but need to get the supplies for it.

So happy that you were safe!

RJ said...

Jackie, I'm so happy to hear you are doing well after Irma. Jacksonville really got alot of flooding. Here in Gainesville we had alot of trees and wires down and also had to do without electricity. All is finally well. I know what you mean about preparing for the big storm. You never knew from one day to the next which way it was going to turn which really put a panic in most and the highways were jammed.

On a happier note I love your is a very pretty piece. RJ

Andrea said...

Glad to hear you are OK. When I hear of these natural disasters my first thought is, "who do I know stitching-wise that is in that part of the world and how are they coping".
A lovely needlebook. Let Heaven and Nature Sing is a gorgeous piece, looking forward to seeing more of your progress.

Sally said...

Your needlebook is gorgeous Jackie. Your progress on your WIP looks lovely. Love your grime guard.

Glad you are all safe.

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