Thursday, December 3, 2009

As Promised!

As I promised in my prior post, here are a couple of pictures of projects the Sampler Guild members are working on.

Kerrie is working on Jane Rees. It's a huge project and she has a lot of it done!
I really like this sampler. I should have asked her the dimensions of her fabric. I can't imagine working on something this large. I guess it's like any other project. You take it one stitch at a time!
Loretta just finished Peaceful Paradise by Midsummer Night Designs. Another large but gorgeous project!
This is really beautiful too. If you've seen the chart, you'll know that the photo on the chart really does not communicate just how gorgeous this is. My picture does not either. There is hours and hours put into both these samplers. Tons of fun!
Loretta and Kerrie are just 2 of the talented ladies in the Sampler Guild. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to showcase the projects of everyone. Many of them also knit or quilt or hook rugs - they're a talented bunch. As the new girl on the block, they've made me feel welcome and the conversation is easy as is the moments when it's quiet and everyone is stitching.

I've been able to get out of work by 6 this week and most of last week. It's been really nice. G and I are planning on a trip to Ikea this weekend. It's a bit over a 2 hour drive. I want to look at some things for my sewing room and we have a gift to pick up for my older son. We still don't have our tree up so we'll have to do that this weekend along with various other things that have to be done on the weekend. It's just the 3rd but it seems like the month is already flying! I'm taking a couple of Fridays off this month plus the last week of the month. I need some time with my sewing machine!

Happy Stitches!


imquilternity said...

Those are both beautiful, but I especially love the first one. I wish I had the patience for this kind of thing.

Unknown said...

great the second one.

Jean in Georgia said...

That stitching is fabulous!

Good luck at Ikea. I've translated it from the original Swedish as "spend all your money".

julia said...

Wow, talk about patience!! They have 100s of times more than I do!
My tree isn't up yet either. My husband said that WE would put it up on Sunday. I guess you noticed that I emphasized the word WE. He's never helped me before except for carrying it up the stairs.
I'm glad you liked my puppet costumes.

Siobhán said...

Jackie, wow, thanks for sharing those pictures!! I love both samplers. I have Jane started and am trying to put a thread in per day on her. It's only been two days--so far, so good--I have had this as a WIP since it came out so two days in a row is pretty good. LOL

Good luck getting your tree up! And on that trip to Ikea. I hear they have one in Dublin now... I'm afraid to go but am soooo tempted.

woolwoman said...

Jackie the photos of the girls samplers are fantastic! What a great post and I'm so glad you feel comfortable geling with the group - Enjoy Ikea shopping - Mel

Mylene said...

wow! such huge pieces but great designs!

ps. thanks for stopping by on my blog lately.

Julie Renee Holland said...

Those are both so beautiful. I love the second one, but the first one is also amazing.

Debbie said...

Incredible talent. that I have my OTT lite :)

Simone de Klerk said...