Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quilt Police?

I'm not feeling like sitting at the sewing machine this weekend. I'm learning that when I'm not "into it" that it's not a good time to sew. So I just sewed the prep work for one of the blocks for my class this week, cut out a couple of things and walked away. The Quilting Class Police are not going to come and carry me off to the pokey, are they?

Frankly, I feel more like knitting so I'm going to spend a couple of hours this afternoon /evening knitting in front of the tv watching a movie or maybe reading.

Here is where I'm at on Ava's sweater. She lives in Texas with my brother and had her tonsils taken out on Monday. Since she's so little (she's just 2) and was refusing to drink or eat anything they ended up keeping her in the hospital for 2 days. My brother is sick himself - just this side of pneumonia - and my other niece has strep throat. It's a good thing my sister in law is well! I sure wish we lived closer so I could help. Instead, I knit and think of them all.
Here's a picture of my Sweater Workshop Sweater Sampler. I love the nice crisp line at the color changes. Easy to do - unless you don't know what to do! The key is to knit the first row after the color change and then go into your ribbing. I did it here (twice) and the knit row does not interfere in the ribbing at all.
Here is the status of my Dresden Plate block from my prior post. I picked it out while watching Dancing with the Stars this past week. I'm ok with the current status but when I'm feeling it, I'll put it back together. Or at least give it my best effort.
Since I'm not really sewing this weekend, here are a couple of blocks that I worked on last weekend. Grandmothers Flower Garden - which was appliqued. I thought I'd hate applique and never saw myself doing it. This is fusible applique and it wasn't bad at all and I can easily see myself doing it. It's also sparked an interest in learning the other methods.
This is the Road to California. Flying Geese is a technique I've learned in this class. Also enjoyable.
I should have pressed these blocks before taking pictures of them. They were rolled up in the bag I take to class. But I'm not feeling like using the iron. So I'm not. Hope you've had an enjoyable weekend!

Edited to Add: It's after 7pm here and 84 degrees. I think Spring is already over! Time to turn on the air conditioner!


TeresaB said...

I'm all into only doing what I want to do this weekend. And if there are quilt police let them try to take you away.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks for the tip on colour changing when knitting! I must give it a try. Lisa

Pat said...

Enjoyed seeing your projects. I, too, can't sew when I'm not in the mood. And...wouldn't you know, I"m in the mood and my primary machine breaks down (and I don't really like using my back-ups). So...I'll take this machine in for repair and do handwork until it's back.

Debbie said...

Ava's sweater is coming along beautifully. I hope she and her family feel better soon. Tonsillectomies are no fun.

Great tip on the color change for the knitted ribbing. I never knew that, but am very glad I do now.

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, Jackie, you have a lot to show again. And ... I recognize those shoes (O: I hope your nieces and brother are doing better.
Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

The sweater is adorable.

No quilting police as far as I know. I think we're more of a self-monitoring crowd. When you feel like it, you can go to town.

Anonymous said...

Hope your little Ava and her family are feeling better today. The sweater in that yarn is darling. The pink shoe print and polka-dot fabrics work are so cute together. You choose the beat prints for your quilts.

Irene said...

Don't forget - we do this for fun, so don't put pressure on yourself or unnecessary deadlines. It takes all the fun away. You certainly have tackled some difficult blocks for a beginner and you are doing a terrific job on them too!

Candace said...

Jackie - your work is incredible! What I want to know is where you find the time after working so much!

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Thanks for visiting my blog but your killing me with stories of AC! Our spring lasts two minutes too. We usually skip it and go right into summer. But summer is beautiful up here so I guess I'll just have to suck it up and wait.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

LOVE the little pink sweater! and the flying geese in pink! My little 4 yr old LOVES everything pink and she's looking over my shoulder commenting on all of it!


Nettie said...

Love all of your work: have added you to my blog list!