Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Mojo Is Back!

After being sick for a week and a half, this weekend I took some time to work on my knitting and quilting. It was nice to feel inspired to do more than just lay in bed! Everyone at work is walking around with red noses or coughing like crazy. This crazy weather doesn't help!

I worked on my blocks for the quilting class I'm taking. There are now 4 of them! I may redo the Drunkards Path (lower right) as there doesn't seem to be enough contrast between the one fabric and the background fabric. It's the block that gave me the most trouble. I do need to trim all the blocks up. I'm learning a lot and that class is what it's all about!
I also had my first Sweater Workshop class. We're doing the Sweater Sampler over the course of the class which is designed to teach all the skills needed to knit a sweater. The first class is very basic. I did learn, however, a new cast on and a slightly different way of joining 2 skeins of yarn. A way that I think I like better! The sweater sampler that you end up with looks kind of like a wind sock - or at least it does to me! I'll be blogging about this class as I go. Here is where I was at this morning:
Here is a close up of the new (to me) cast on. It's the cable cast on. Doesn't it have a nice edge to it? I think it's quite pretty.
I also over dyed my hand dyed yarn that I called Easter Egg. Click the link, you'll know which one was the original one. I over dyed this in a black dye wash which ended up muting the colors. The colors are more me now. I'm not an Easter Egg kind of girl! It was fun to experiment and I hope I get more time to dye yarn soon. I really, really, really want to get good results and I think I'm a bit scared that I won't. I just need to dive right in!
Oh....and the neck warmer in my last post? Here is what it looked like this morning. Win some; lose some! It just wasn't meant to be. So this weekend will involve some time for cleaning up yarn barf!


Barb said...

Glad you are up and about...not amont the dead anymore....but among the living.

Kitty said...

I am loving the term 'yarn barf'! That's brilliant. x

Simone de Klerk said...

Jackie, you are so unbelievably creative and in so many different ways. A big big applaus for you. It is always so much fun to see what you have been doing.

Teresa said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. LOLOL...yarn barf. That is a new one on me!

Brennee said...

Clearly, Mojo is back...wow! Love, love, love the over dye job. I'm looking forward to future posts about that class on sweater making. I only recently discovered the cable cast on myself and love it!

Zlaty said...

I am glad you are back to yourself! :) I have an ear pain now and know how you felt! I love your blocks! I should start kneeting, you inspire me with those pretty yarns!
Have a lovely day!

Candace said...

Love those blocks, Jackie - can't wait to see the whole quilt! And a new way to cast on? I've got to find that - looks great! I, too, have a neck warmer I'm crocheting that looked like that the other night - its been "readjusted" and back to looking for like it should :>)

Golden Years Gal said...

Your work and blog are oh so very nice!
I am excited to watch your blog for new ideas and seeing pretties.

Please do put me on your list to receive your blog daily.


Debbie said...

I would certainly say your spark plugs are recharged! All your projects are coming along beautifully. You choose such fabulous colors for your projects.

I like the cable cast on too.

Do you have plans for your Easter Egg yarn?