Sunday, February 1, 2015

Follow Your Arrow

I'm participating in Ysolda Teague's Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL again this year.  It runs for 6 weeks and we've had two clues.  The pattern calls for 550 yards and I thought it would be a good project to make the best use of the yardage of a skein of Wollmeise.  No such luck.  Here is clue #1 knit in that selection.  As you can tell, far too dark for the pattern.  
So I went back to the drawing board and ordered yarn from Eat. Sleep. Knit - specifically MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light in the Oceana colorway and here is how my project stands at the end of Clue #2.  With blocking, the texture will look more like sideways arrows.  I had to work hard at not pulling the floats too tight.  I'm trying to loosen up my tension in general.  It's more important with something like this.  I've learned a lot with this project already!  Even though it seems I've knit most of it twice.  Ugh.  Looking at this picture, the pattern isn't very prominent.  Trust me it is in real life, this is just a bad i-Phone pic.
I also ordered some yarn to make my husband a hat.  This knit up super fast. Like two days.
MadelineTosh Tosh Chunky
Mandala Colorway

I also made a knitting project bag.  Aren't these knitting sheep cute?  It doesn't match my project but I wanted to use the knitting themed fabric.    I used the Noodlehead tutorial but ended up veering from the pattern a bit.  Sewing is not intuitive for me and I needed more photos.
It's lined in a co-ordinating knitting fabric.
That's it for me for now.  Have a great week and I hope all your stitches are happy ones!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Out of Deep Hibernation

I do have one goal for 2015.  I want to finish Anniversaries of the Heart!  I'm quite sure I didn't pull this one out for more than a minute in 2014.  I've already made serious progress in 2015 and stitched the November block.  Three more to go and ALL of the personalization (which isn't planned out yet). I can do it!  
I have been on an organizational frenzy lately.  It's not like we're unorganized but it was time to go through and look at everything in closets, drawers and cabinets with a critical eye and neaten and donate.  It feels good.  That said, I really haven't moved that thought into the sewing room BUT I did manage to find this BBD stocking that has been on a "field trip" for some time!  
I've also been stitching ornaments for the Christmas tree.  I want next years tree to have more than 2  stitched ornaments on it. Should I change the date on that?

I've started a new knitting project - a mystery knit along called Follow Your Arrow 2.  I enjoyed that last year and will share more about this on another post.  

For me, 2015 has started out feeling like a time of refreshment and renewal.   How does it feel to you?  I hope it has been good to you so far and that all your stitches have been happy ones!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Final Finish!

I mentioned in my last post that I thought I'd have a quilting finish before the end of the year.  You may have noticed, but I've not been sewing a lot this year.  When I have, I have been working on this quilt.  I decided to give it to my sister for Christmas.  Long story, the gift was very unexpected by her for many reasons.  No one knew I was doing it except my husband.  When my sister opened it, she started crying.  It was a very touching moment.
The photos, taken at night and inside, don't really show the richness of the reds.   I don't prewash my fabrics and didn't have any problems with bleeding at all.  I washed the quilt with Retayne which is a color fixative.  I also washed my Christmas Harvest Quilt with it.  These two quilts are made with fabrics from two different manufacturers.   
I also tried a new to me technique - machine binding.  I machine bound placemats before and was not pleased with the result.  This is a HUGE quilt and I just didn't have the time to hand sew the binding down.  Also, I thought a machine binding would be more durable.  My quilter recommended Susies's Magic Binding.   I used the stitch in the ditch foot for my walking foot and it worked so very well.  Definitely a technique I'll use again.  
This quilt was a BOM from Michael Miller from 2012.  

Looking back over 2014, I wanted to thank you for sticking with me.  I've not posted as much this year and probably will never reach posting a couple of times a week again.  I do plan on posting once a month and think I can reasonably meet/beat that schedule.  Your visits, comments and YOUR blogs inspire me so much.  I need that inspiration!  

At 2015 is just around the corner, I am feeling very hopeful and inspired. I hope you are too!  I'm not going to post a 2014 retrospective or goals for 2015.  But I will send you all a wish for a happy, healthy and safe new year - a year that is hopefully full of happy stitches!  Much love to you all!

Those of you who are stitchers may want to check out the blog for my EGA Chapter.  Lots of great finishes showcased!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sarah Elizabeth Brooke

I have a last stitching finish for the year to share with you.  Oddly enough, this was one of my two New Years starts.  I finished both - the other was Sarah Seifer.  The color is off in the pic here.  Sure was a fun stitch.  The thread used for the house bricks is just one color - the beauty of a variegated skein of thread! 
Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842
The Scarlet House
40 Count LL Vintage Light Examplar
Called for Belle Soie 
Substituted Mer for Herb Garden

I think I'll be back before the end of the year with a quilting finish too - the red and white quilt I've been working on for a very long time!  

Wishing you all a happy holiday season - and a safe one as well.  Greg and I have had a relatively stress free one but this weekend is going to be a busy.  We'll enjoy it though!  Since our kids are older there isn't much stress in the season.  We're pros and have learned to pace ourselves!  Haha! (you probably shouldn't believe all of that) 

Sunday, November 30, 2014


I finally got around to weaving in the ends, blocking (my favorite! ha!) and photographing my latest knitting finish.  It will most likely be my last knitting finish of the year.  This one gave me fits because I didn't set up the pattern in Knit Companion and instead chose to use a printed pattern with a post it note.  Bad idea/never again!  I kept losing my place because the sticky note lost its stickiness.
Shibui Knits Sock Colorway #323

We had a great Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and MIL.  Just 6 of us this year.  The nice thing is that with my online shopping over the weekend, we're about 75% done with Christmas shopping.  We just need to wait for it to arrive, wrap it, and ship part of it back out.  We will host Christmas too so there is quite a bit to be done between now and then but we're definitely not feeling any pressure at the moment!  Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season.  May all your stitches be happy ones!