Sunday, February 11, 2018


I picked up Scottish Sampler from the framer and thought I'd share it with you.  This was definitely not one of my favorite stitches due to a linen issue but it certainly is a pretty sampler now that it is done.  I don't have it on the wall yet so I threw it on a stand to take the picture.
Close up of the frame.
I've been meaning to share this Chessie and Me book box now that it is fully finished.  She has designed a series of them and they're all so cute.  This one is called Tudor Rose Stitch book.  The cardboard book box was painted with acrylic paint from Michaels (it's about $2) bottle and then the placed where I didn't need to place glue were waxed.  
This simple pin cushion is filled with graduated sizes of cotton quilt batting.  I was concerned it would not lay flat but placing something on top while it dried solved that problem.  It's still nicely glued down.
Inside there is a pair of scissors with a scissor fob.
On the other side of the fob I stitched my initials and the name of our EGA guild.  The finishing of this box was taught by our EGA member Linda F.  She did a great job of explaining each step!  As far as finishing stitching goes, this was a simple finish.
My New Years start was the Heritage Sampler by Paulette Stewart.  I saw her FlossTube video prior to the release of the chart and I was hooked.  It was wonderful having the background on the design.  I have been SUPER focused on this project and I have the outside border completed.  The bottom inside section is entirely over 1 and that took a lot of time.  I'm stitching this on 36 count Vintage Meadow Rue (called for linen) and the called for over - dyed cotton floss.

What are you focusing on this month?  Hoping you have a great week and a Happy Valentines Day!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a fabulous book finish you created, Jackie! Your sampler is stunning and I really like the frame molding you selected. You are making great progress on the PSS piece. My focus is Christmas ornaments that are gifts. Enjoy the coming week!

Susan said...

Great finishes, Jackie! The Heritage Sampler is so pretty and will be done in no time.

Cindy's Stitching said...

A beautiful framed piece. Some linens are hard to work with.

RJ said...

Oh Jackie I love all of your stitching so much. Your sampler is gorgeous and I may have to ask you who your framer is. They do a beautiful job and I would be willing to drive to Jacksonville to get a job well done.

Your book is quite wonderful. I love how you made it.

And your new stitch is coming along beautifully. Happy stitching. RJ

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your framed sampler is beautiful--some linens are just easier to work with than others. Great job on your Chessie and me piece.

Marilyn said...

Scottish Sampler is beautiful, and the Chessie's are always fun.
You are on a roll with Heritage Sampler, it will be beautiful!
Me? I'm focusing on WIPS with a little Valentine and St. Pat's stitching in between.
Have a great week!

Annie said...

Beautiful job on the framed sampler. You'll enjoy that for many years to come.

The box is super. Love the way the inside pin cushion was made.

You are in quite a productive mode these days!

Anonymous said...

You really have been FOCUSED! What lovely finishes! You do beautiful samplers and I love that BOX. Have to try one for myself. What a great start for your new year.

Margaret said...

Love your framed Scottish piece, and the box finish is wonderful! Both gorgeous pieces! And your current WIP. It is so beautiful! Been enjoying following your progress when you show it off.

Vickie said...

Your Scottish Sampler is wonderful. Love that Chessie box! Your new sampler is quite impressive.

Meg said...

The framing is beautiful! Love that frame. What a neat idea in the book box. I’ve never seen anything like that! On your Heritage Sampler, that is a lovely verse, and the linen is beautiful. Stitching over one on 36-count is a challenge! You made it! Happy February!

Tiffstitch said...

Fabulous finishes and thank you for sharing the info on your book, it's very cool!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful stitching, Jackie. And that frame is so beautiful, great choice.
I adore the box you made.
The Heritage Sampler is a lovely designs but on 36 ct with some over one stitching you must be really brave.

Carol said...

So many goodies in this post, Jackie! Your frame is perfect for that lovely sampler... And I truly love your newest project--will have to put that on my list :)

What a neat way to finish a piece--the box is not only pretty, but is useful, too.

Hope your winter is warming up down there. My sister in Daytona Beach says they have had some really warm days recently.

Penny said...

What a beautiful sampler, Jackie! And your book box is beautifully stitched and finished! I love your new start -- looking pretty! I'm having a hard time focussing on any one thing and as a result don't feel like I'm accomplishing much. : )

Andrea said...

Love all of your finished pieces. The frame is lovely for your sampler. Your new start is gorgeous.

Karoline said...

Your Scottish Sampler is gorgeous and I love the Chessie and Me book. You've made a fantastic start on Heritage Sampler

Bekca said...

Chessie and Me looks perfect, what a wonderful project to treasure :)

Robin said...

Love the Cherie And Me finish. And the Scottish sampler is gorgeous. Just love those curliques on the letters. A bugger to stitch but oh so pretty.