Sunday, November 12, 2017

What's Next?

The holiday season is pretty much here and we're starting to get ready for it.  In the meantime, I've had some stitching progress to share with you.

First up is my finish of Block1 of Autumn of Hawk Run Hollow.  It's a pretty dense stitch but went so fast!
Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow by Kathy Barrick
Called for fabric - 40 count

I also finished And Heaven and Nature Sing.  It went pretty quickly too.  
And Heaven and Nature Sing by Kathy Barrick
40 Count Vintage Pecan Butter
Called for NPI

I started this Blackbird Designs stocking at my EGA stitch day yesterday and finished it up today.  I stitched one of the deers twice and the toe twice.  Once for a color error and the other for a placement error.  Hoping to get this fully finished at some point!
Deer in the Meadow
Called for fabric 
called for overdyed cotton

I also pull out this ornament from Little House Needleworks and finished up the beaded edge (which was about half done) and stuffed it.  It's ready for the tree!
Winter Sheep by Little House Needleworks
Called for Fabric
Button Omitted

I have no idea what to stitch next.  Nothing is calling my name at all so I'm going to stitch the black border for block #2 for Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow before putting it away for a bit.  Maybe something will come to me!  Maybe a new start?

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful work on everything, wow!

RJ said...

Hi Jackie! I love all of your stitches...each one so pretty and well done. I especially love Heaven and Nature sing and must get it. It is beautiful. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

RJ said...

Jackie I meant to ask earlier how do you stitch the beaded edge on and where do you buy that type trim? RJ

Marilyn said...

Pretty finishes.
Hope you can decide what is next. :)

Annie said...

That's quite a body of work! These are all such pretty pieces. I'm sure it won't take long for some 'must stitch' to get your undivided attention.

Mary said...

You are a fast stitcher!!! They are all beautiful but I have to get Heaven and Nature Sing, it is stunning!!

Do you add the beading after the ornament is sewn up? Is that difficult to do? I think I would like to try that. I stitched that LHN and gave it to a friend, I want to restitch it for myself. Love it, I think all the LHN ornaments are precious. Have a great week, Mary

Margaret said...

Everything looks great! You have really been stitching away!

Mariela Alethia said...

Lovely hand work.

Robin in Virginia said...

Jackie, congratulations on getting your block finished on the Hawk Run Hollow piece! It looks great. I enjoyed seeing your other stitched finishes as well. Enjoy your week!

Vickie said...

Oh how nice to see you stitching so much again Jackie. :D And Heaven and Nature Sing!! I LOVE it!❤️

Brigitte said...

Wow, Jackie, you were on a roll lately. So much wonderful stitching and so many finishes.
I will be taking up Houses of Hawk Run Hollow next week and hope to stitch the last fours blocks. Each block is like a little finish. After that one I intend to start on Village of Hawk Run Hollow.
I hope you won't lose your stitching mojo and find something that appeals to you. I'm very curious to see what this will be ...

Carol said...

Yay for block one! I do love this chart and bought it several years ago when it was first released, but haven't started it. Hopefully, yours will inspire me to get going... And the giant deer is just so perfect! Love him on that fabric :)

Great job on the little sheep ornament--I do love a beaded edge (not sure why I don't finish this way more often)!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jackie!

woolwoman said...

Jackie you are really burning up that needle lately! WOW - love your beaded edge ornament finish - so adorable ! Can't believe you've already set up your header block and finished a square on Autumn of HRH. AWESOME progress and you know how much I love your Heaven and Nature sing. Because of the shape - it would be a nice pillow for the holiday season but then I guess it would be too inviting for some little imp around the house to get intimate with. Loved seeing all your stitching - Mel

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching. Great finish on And Heaven and Nature Sing.

Bekca said...

Beautiful stitching! Your needle has certainly been busy lately. I hope you find a new project that delights you soon, I always find browsing my stash helps ignite something :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty projects all! Isn't fall stitching just the best!!!