Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're Back

We're back!!! We had a great time even though it was very cold! Here are a couple of pictures of where we stayed. More to come later!

This is a mini sock that I knit on the trip up. This picture was actually taken in the bathtub of the cabin where we stayed. It had stacked stone walls.
Is this a cute front door? A local artist made this. He actually had a shop about 5 miles from where we stayed that we passed several times. He was generally outside working on his doors.

More later!


Debbie said...

Welcome back. Love your mini sock. Looking forward to your trip report.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

The cabin looks so nice and peaceful, What a wonderful getaway :)Hope you go lots of hiking in!

Simone de Klerk said...

Welcome back! Where you were must be so different from Florida! The room looks really nice and cosy.

She Knits Socks said...

Oooh, looks like a great place for a vacation!

tinkguy said...

Wow! It looks like a flat screen above a flat screen in a fire place. It all looks so cozy. (Can a guy use "cozy"?)