Sunday, June 3, 2018

Some Progress

This spring and early summer I've been focusing on my WIP Challenge list projects for 2018.   My EGA guild has a challenge each year and since we have something coming up at the beginning of July that will take a few months, I decided to try and knock some of my Challenge list out.  My photos are of the projects un-ironed but figured that if I waited to post before ironing, it very well might be another month without a post from me!

First I pledged to finish the stitching only on A Lady's Worke Box (3rd project down) by With My Needle/Ellen Chester. It's such a beautiful project and once I put my mind to it, the stitching went rather quickly.  I had a small to finish up and the larger inside and outside panels left to do.  I also had to correct some border backstitching that wasn't done over the correct number of threads.  Ellen's instructions are amazing and I have no doubt I'll be able to finish this myself.  It most likely will not be this year based on what I want to accomplish.  Maybe the finishing will go on my 2019 WIP Challenge list?!

I also finished the stitching on this stocking from Blackbird Designs called Snowy Eve.  This is found in their booklet called Merry December which  has 3 stockings included.  Fun rather quick stitch!  I have the finishing to do yet for this one before it can count for my guild.  I'll probably do that in the fall.  I've done one before but I definitely want to improve on my technique.
Last up,  I finished block #3 of Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow!  This block was fairly densely stitched but also fun.  I've also started stitching the black outside border for the next block before I put it away.  I've pulled this back out to work on block #4.  It's a fun stitch.  I'm using DMC because there are about 60 thread colors for this one.  
The summer is already beyond hot here, even with all the rain.  Is it terrible that I'm looking forward to fall already?!

Wishing you all happy stitches!


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Dear Jackie--please send me some of your stitching mojo and disciple to work on WIP's. Your work is beautiful!


So beautiful, great stitching.

Marilyn said...

Great projects!
We've had some very hot days, now it's cool out again.
But I don't mind. :)
Wishing you a great week!

Vickie said...

What a neat stocking! I have never seen that one before. Autumn looks soooo good!

Margaret said...

I love all your projects! Good for you for finishing off some of those languishing WIPs. I'm terrible at doing that. (I can't wait for cooler weather either!)

Robin in Virginia said...

Love the stocking you stitched! Good for you on finishing up the stitching on your With Thy Needle piece and finishing block #3 on the fall piece. The colors are gorgeous.

Carol said...

Lots of beautiful stitching in this post, Jackie! I absolutely love your newest block on Autumn at HRH. I got this chart when it first came out, but have yet to make a start. Having done Christmas at HRH, I know just how much work those huge charts are! And what a cut stocking--another type of finish I have never attempted... Sewing curves scares me :)

So sorry the weather is already so hot. The older I am, the less I am able to deal with heat and humidity. Hang in there--thank goodness for AC!

Meg said...

Jackie, thanks for sharing your progress on your projects. It’s so much fun to see what others are working on, and you definitely have some fun, beautiful things in the works. I have to be in the right mood to fully finish a project, so my finishing “to-do” list is growing!

I recently decided that since I have so many things I want to stitch and not enough time to do them all, that I would put one project in a zippered bag labeled for each day of the week. That way I can work on 7 things at once and if something is hard or tedious, I get to set it aside when that day is done and work on other things the rest of the week until that day comes around again. Knowing it’s just one day, I force myself to get through the hard parts rather than abandoning a project altogether. I love this new system.

The Hawk Run Hollow projects are breathtaking. Kudos to you! It’s coming along great!

Hugs from Idaho,
Meg at

woolwoman said...

WOW Jackie I can't believe you are finished with the Worke Box pieces - it's such a lovely project. I should be inspired to take my kit out and at least work on one little panel right? I should at least take the box out and sit it somewhere visible right? Yes you should put the finishing on your challenge list since it's quite a project to do the finishing. Your Autumn of HRH is lovely - I looked at "houses" the other day when I was plundering for silks - sad.... just sitting there all kitted up with silks and everything. like you said - so many projects - so little time...........
I HATE the relentless heat - yes I'm counting the days thru hurricane season till fall comes around again. Hugs mel

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching projects.

Brigitte said...

Wow, there is a lot of stitching to admire here. And all of them are finishes. So you seem to be well prepared for the new project in July.
I'm looking forward to see your finishing on the box. You are right, Ellen's finishing instructions are always very clear. I finished the stitching of one of her needle rolls years ago but have been too lazy to finish-finish it in the ned. And it was not because of the instructions, lol.
I love these little stockings by Blackbird Designs but have never stitched one although I have all the monthly patterns. Your December one looks so great.
Thee blocks of the Hawk Run Hollow series are all very stitch-intensive and it always takes a while to finish one. But they are all worth it as these projects are so gorgeous.

RJ said...

Jackie, I am so happy to be able to visit with you tonight. I have been very sick the past two months and I have missed all of my blogging friends so much. Your stitching is gorgeous as usual. I really enjoyed seeing the wonderful progress you have made. Who needs ironing??? I hope you have a lovely weekend. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

Barb said...

That stocking is sure get a lot done.