Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Post of 2017 - Not a Wrap Up!

Hard to believe 2017 is ending and 2018 is beginning.  I have a few things finished since my last post to share with you.  I was off the week after Thanksgiving and my goal was to finish 3 cross stitch projects.  The Chessie and Me book finish I forgot to photograph so I'll save that for my next post.  All three finishes were finishing techniques I had never attempted.

First up was a Mounted Tag Finish a la Vonna.  You can find her outstanding YouTube video from Vonna HERE.  Whether or not you have any interest in doing your own finishing, I'd suggest you watch all of Vonna's finishing tutorials on YouTube.  They are that good!  I can't say that it took me 40 minutes like Vonna to finish my tag - more like 4 hours but I'm very pleased with my first attempt!  Thank you Vonna for holding my hand through the process - even though you didn't know it!  :)
Prairie Schooler HoHoHo Santa
Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine 2014
Called for DMC
32 Count Summer Khaki

Up next was a Blackbird Designs stocking finish.  This is from Merry December.  I like stitching on higher count and thought I'd stitch future stockings on higher count fabric.  After having to turn this stocking on 32 count, I'm quite happy with 32 count!
BlackBird Designs Deer in the Meadow
Called from overdyed cotton floss
Called for fabric

I also had one of my finishes framed.  This is Scottish Excursion by Amy Mitten.  I substituted another linen (32 count LL Vintage Pearled Barley).  The angle of the photo makes this look odd.  I used museum glass for the very first time and am SO happy with it. Makes a HUGE difference in my opinion.
Close up of the frame.
I also surprising dug Ann Dale out and stitched on her for a bit in November (or was it December?).  This photo is terrible but that entire bottom row except for the far left tree is what I stitched this time around along with extending the borders.  I stitched all that in a week or so and just like that, my mojo for Ann went out the window!
Murphy turned 1 December 11th.  We celebrated with a cookie from the dog bakery - the cakes were too big for his 20 pound self - and a couple of toys for "aggressive chewers".  He wasn't happy with my taking a photo since I woke him up from a nap to take it just a few minutes ago.
Thank you so much for continuing to visit my blog and leave sweet comments!  They keep me going!  Wishing you all a healthy, happy and safe New Year full of happy stitches!



Vickie said...

Oh your finishes are pretty. I just really love that stocking! Murphy is precious! Our Murphy is 14 1/2 years now. And blind in one eye!

Lori @ Back Porch Ramblings said...

Your tag ornaments are precious! There's no way I could see well enough to work on that high of a count anymore but I sure can still appreciate the meticulousness it takes. Good job!

Marjo said...

Beautiful stitching! And finishing. I love them all. I use the museum glass most times as well. Lovely pieces each one. Cute pup.

Margaret said...

Love all your finishes. Beautiful all! Murphy is so adorable -- happy birthday to him! And a Happy New Year!

Susan said...

Great finishes, Jackie! I hope 2018 is good to you and your family.

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Love the little BB stocking.
Murphy is too cute.
(my maiden name is Murphy) :)
Happy New year!

Robin in Virginia said...

What wonderful finishes you shared, Jackie! Murphy is adorable. Wishing you a new year filled with peace, joy, and many stitches!

Karen said...

Great finishes! Love the tag ornament and BBD stocking.
Murphy is so cute.

Annie said...

Very nice work. Your finishing is always so perfect!

Murphy is just the cutest. I bet you really spoil him with that face looking up at you all the time!

Have a wonderful 2018!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Beautiful finishes. Happy new year.

Brigitte said...

Both ornament finishes are just awesome. I love the tag version very much and have already seen Vonna's tutorials. They are so very clear and understandable. That little stocking is really beautiful, too.
Great racing of Scottish Excursion. Such a great sampler.
Happy New Year, Jackie, to you and your family.

woolwoman said...

Darling baby boy is 1 - I can't believe it! You really did a super job with your finishing. Some challenging techniques - even with Vonna's careful guidance - it's still hard. well done! your Scottish is so pretty framed. I didn't remember you had that much done on Ann Dale - WOW - so pretty. Hope 2018 is a great year for you and your family

RJ said...

What beautiful stitches and finishes Jackie. I love them all. I'm attempting my first flat finish too and I've watched Vonna's video over and over but I'm still scared to do it. Happy Birthday to Murphy...he gets even cuter each time I see him. Happy New Year to you and yours. RJ

Carol said...

Jackie, I think you could have a career as a professional finisher--both of them are fantastic! I was just thinking about doing a tag finish for my January ornament, but then a beaded finish popped into my head--we'll see what wins out!

Your sampler is delightful and I love the frame and museum glass. Stunning and how nice to have it hanging in your home where you can enjoy it every day :)

Happy Belated Birthday to your cute little Murphy! I'm sure he has brought a lot of joy into your home!

Happiest of New Years to you, Jackie!

Daffycat said...

Your finishing is superb, Jackie! Love the snappy of Murphy, he’s such a doll.

Bekca said...

Your stocking finish is so perfect, it looks fab!