Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drooling and Itching

I had a very busy weekend and somehow managed to not take photos! I was just so busy!

Saturday I spent the morning playing around with sewing machines at the Bernina dealer. I was very happy with the Bernina's. The stitch quality is just amazing. I spent the afternoon knitting with friends. That is always a nice way to spend a couple of hours!

Today I spent the day as a guest of my friend Melody at her Sampler Guild gathering. What a GREAT group of ladies! The gathering took place at a bed and breakfast that is just gorgeous, the ladies were so very friendly (and talented) and I obviously had a great time. I came away even more enthused about stitching. Six of us stopped and ate dinner. The food was just delicious. Real hush puppies and delicious fried shrimp. I consider myself very honored to have been invited today. Thank you Melody! It was the highlight of my weekend!

Jill, the B&B owner, is a very talented stitcher and her home was filled with wonderful and inspiring samplers. She also has a shop in the bed and breakfast and I spent some time drooling over charts. It was very hard to limit myself to purchasing just two. I want to do it all!
I thought Quakers and Quilts would be a great one as I also love to quilt. It would be wonderful hanging in my quilting/knitting/stitching room when I get one. The thread is being ordered but will take a couple of weeks. I'm just itching to get started! I hope I can wait!
Providence Sampler by Brenda Keyes. Isn't it just lovely?!
My Dragon Melody Shawl is slowly coming along. Here is the latest picture showing how the bind off is going. I'm now working perpendicular to the rest of the project. One stitch is bound off every other row so it will be slow going as there are 569 stitches. This is a poor picture and does not show well the color changes in the yarn.

G had a busy weekend too. Today he had a 56 mile bike ride with the bike group he just joined. He's just gotten started with biking and this is the longest ride he's done so far. In a few months, he'll be ready for longer rides. It's nice to see him get involved in a hobby. Mine have brought me such joy and unexpected friendships that I treasure.

Another weekend is ending and I'm getting ready for the work week ahead. I think I'll do that by stitching a bit more and a doing a couple rows of knitting! Happy Stitches!


Barb said...

You have been busy... I was wondering where you have been, now I know!!

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is gorgeous! The sampler patterns look really fun to stitch. Your weekend sounds like so much fun. Tell G congratulations on his long bike ride.

julia said...

My husband is wanting to buy bikes for us to ride. We won't be doing any 56 mile rides, though. We'll do well to start off with one mile.
Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Such fine and detailed stitching.
It sounds like you had fun with your friends. Aren't girlfriends the best?

Candace said...

Now that's my kind of weekend, Jackie! How neat that G has joined a bike group - Mr. S. wants to do that, too, me...I'll just peddle lazily far behind the crowd!

Jean in Georgia said...

Shawl: gorgeous.

I think you'll enjoy that Rosewood Manor chart. Her stuff is great. Glad you're stitching and that Teresa has brought you to the Dark Side (we have chocolate!)

Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Are you getting close to making a decision on the sewing machine? Sounds like you really like the Bernina a lot. Whatever you choose you will enjoy for many years that's for sure.

woolwoman said...

I'm glad you had such a nice time visiting with the sampler group - they are a nice group of gals and Jill does have a beautiful B&B and is a great hostess. Hope your Valdani threads come soon - I am so jealous that you are getting to try them before me - AAAACCCKKKK - I don't think that is allowed ! hehehe - take care Mel

Christine said...

Oh that shawl is turning out beautiful!

Ruth's Place said...

The lace is looking wonderful. I can't get over how much you seem to get done!

Micki said...

The lace shawl is just incredible!
What a lovely job you have done!

Simone de Klerk said...

Love the stitching pattern you got. Now that will look wonderful in your once-to-be sewing room! You must have had a wonderful weekend!
Love the way your shawl is getting along. I think I said it before, but from the picture I can feel the softness!
Hope this coming weekend will bring you as much fun and creativeness as the last one (O:

Debbie said...

You are starting to give me the itch to see what stitching kits I have in my stash! In fact an Ott Lite maybe in order too.

Your shawl is beautiful.

56 miles for G...amazing!

Anonymous said...

Found your great blog via Yarn Journey - as we share the Box of Chocolates award! Your knitting is beautiful and the gradated yarn in the shawl is wonderful. As a loyal Bernina owner (1260, which they don't make anymore, unfortunately) & the newer 440QE, I hope you will soon be joining our ranks! It is such a solidly built machine. I also have an older Horn cabinet system which I like - back in the late '90's they were less expensive. My only complaint - not enough room to the right of the machine area where it sits down with the insert. I was forever dropping things off the edge, etc. Finally my DH built a little shelf and that helps alot. Just a hint.
Sounds like you are doing valuable research though and isn't that a fun part of the whole deal!
Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.