Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Block at a Time and a BIG First!

I'm never going to be the type of quilter that puts out a quilt a week. It's one block at a time for me! This weekend I got a bit of time to sit at the sewing machine and I worked on another block with Y Seams. This one was easier so progress has been made!
I also worked a bit on my beginner paper piecing project from a class I took in February. I have no idea where the pics of the front of these small blocks went but here is a picture of the back (or is this really the front?). I had no idea what paper piecing was when I started so maybe this will interest someone. You actually sew your seams on the side that is shown - the fabric is underneath. Weird, huh? But it works. Here are some of the finished blocks in a prior post.
The highlight of our weekend was G and I attending our first grown up play - WICKED!!! The raves I've heard about this show were totally accurate. and it was worth every single penny! Three hours of pure bliss. I had not expected the humor or the things that were revealed that make me look at the movie in a totally different light. Amazing! If you get a chance to go, GO! Even G enjoyed himself - even though he was in a suit and tie! We'll definitely go to this type of event again but I doubt I'll get G in a suit again....none of the men were dressed up. We saw one guy in a jacket without a tie and everyone else was pretty business casual. I like how he looks in a suit though!


Beth said...

I think with the complexity of the blocks you are turning out, you can be forgiven for not turning out a quilt a week!!

I LOVE Wicked!

Sugarbeestudios said...

Beautiful block! I love the colors! So very pretty;o)

Candace said...

Your second block is looking really nice, Jackie! So glad the Y seams are beginning to make sense for you! I know what you mean about not turning out a quilt a week - its hard when you work full-time! I had to laugh about no one else being in a suit and tie - does that show our age? We've been the only ones dressed up in the last few years for events that now we're afraid to step out in anything other than jeans - LOL!

Micki said...

A block a day is wonderful and you are doing such a great job. No rush..just enjoy it all!

Jean in Georgia said...

I love paper pieoing. Haven't done it in awhile tho.:)

Anonymous said...

Your block is lovely, the seams all match perfectly. You already know, I love the colors. I love the theatre, but we don't go very often anymore. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. I went to the Metropolitan Opera in NY and there were people in overalls in front of us. That was 1981! I think dressing up makes the occasion even more special.

Jackie Davis said...

Love the block and had to say HI! I forget how I stumbled on your blog but was giggling that I am Jackie and in jax bch! heehee

anyway, hello and your work is very good!

Jackie (at) jackiesue.com

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely block! I have seen Wicked in London. I found it very impressing! Glad you enjoyed it too!

Zlaty said...

Hi Jackie,

Your Y seam block looks very hard to make! Good job!

I saw "Wicked" on Broadway and loved it too! A lady that organized the bus for the group told us, after you see Wicked the Wizard of OZ will be never the same to you! She was right! I am so glad you saw it!

Happy sewing!


TeresaB said...

Love the new block! How beautiful!

You obviously missed seeing my friend Bryan in his tux. He decided Wicked was tux worthy and wore his. I have to admit, he was right. Great show! Looked for you and G, but didn't see you.

Julie said...

It's a very nice block. I have been quilting for over 20 years and Y seams are still not my friends! I am a paper piecing fanatic though!

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Hi Jackie, My first visit to your blog. Well done! so many new things in such a short time. I have made a few of those blocks. Mine from Bonnie Hunters book Scraps and shirttails found at quiltville. com. Hers don't have Y seams. I am a lazy quilter.

(Megan) said...

This block is beautiful! You are working up some mad piecing skills!

Lori Holt said...

I really love that block.
You're work is excellent!

stitchinpenny said...

My daughter went to see wicked in JAX on opening night and she loved it too. The Times Union Center is beautiful and well laid out. Keep going to the shows since they are relatively inexpensive and much cheaper than a new York trip.

SewDivaDiane said...

Hi Jackie-
Thanks for visiting my blog. As a new quilter and knitter, you are doing a great job!! And we (my daughter and I) are so jealous that you got to see Wicked!