Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Winter Walk in the Park....Florida Style!

This morning G and I decided to take the pups for a walk in the park. We know we're fortunate this time of year to live where we live. I think most of you will agree.
Here's a view of the park.
As you can see, it's located on a beautiful river. This river is a bit unusual as it lows to the north.
Here is the view from the park over the river.
It was a beautiful sunny day. It's almost 5pm now and it's still in the mid 60's.

This is Cody, sitting on G's lap.
Kenzie may be 10 pounds but she isn't afraid of anything. Here she is getting a bit too close to the edge. A step or two and she'd be in big trouble!
If you're still reading, this is me holding the 2 pups. No makeup, no contacts, and messy hair. The pups are both shaggy and due for a grooming.
In two months, I'll be complaining about the heat so I'm trying to enjoy the good weather while I can! Happy Sunday!


Tammy said...

Hi Jackie, Oh I envy your beautiful weather, but like you said in a couple of months it'll be hot and humid and I don't do well with humidity. But for now, oh man I do envy your gorgeous weather. Your pups are so adorable - they looked like they were having an excellent time as well. Happy Sunday back at ya!

Jean in Georgia said...

Your pups are beautiful!! :)

The weather was so nice in the ATL today that our little old man Oscar even got a walk by the lake near our house.

We'll enjoy it while we can.

Anonymous said...

Your pups are so cute! What a great way to start the month, a beautiful walk in the park.

Barb said...

That is a beautiful park an you are lucky. Everyone is talking about how nice the weather is enjoy. In Samoa the weather changes very little..

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks so much for the blog visit and note about my new ironing cabinet!! I'm so glad you like it.

I'm coming across more and more knitter's blogs. Your stuff is wonderful! It makes me want to try knitting.

I loved hearing from you! Please keep in touch---

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you for taking us through the park! I love your dogs. Enjoy the good weather, now it's still so nice. Have a happy week.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Oh wow, So pretty, looks like a nice walk!

Candace said...

Jackie - I think I'll try "channeling" your beautiful weather - LOL!

Pat said...

Nice photos and cute pups. We have had two nice-weather days but it's about to end...UGH.

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

We have a cairn named lily - she is wheat colored too. Aren't they the funnest dog?

Love the socks you made!