Thursday, September 18, 2008


Alex's sweater is coming along nicely. I hope she likes it! Last night I picked up stitches for the button band. Not my favorite part of knitting but when it was over with I was VERY happy that the button holes were evenly spaced. Thank you, Kathe (Ravelry Link) for your help with the math!!! Without your help, I would have done this more than once!
Greg's socks are on the back burner while I finish this sweater. His weird foot has presented some problems and I've lost some of my "let's knit husband some socks" mojo. My Falling Water Scarf is mostly a WIP that I've been working on during my lunch hour. I'd post a picture of it but Flickr is busy hiccuping!
I only have the 3 projects on the needles. When I first started knitting in January, I wanted to only have one project going at a time. While I'll never have 41 projects on the needles like Tricia, I find that I'm comfortable (and rather enjoy) having a few things to work on!


Jewel said...

Three is a good number, I decided after the last sweater that I was only going to have one at a time. But believe it or not I'm back to three!

littlestbirds said...

The button band looks great! I am really not a fan of making button bands...

Multiple WIPs makes for more blogging opportunities : )