Friday, January 30, 2009

My 6th Picture

Julie from I Wonder What Would Happen If and Tammy from Hot Flashes in the Desert both tagged me for the 6th picture meme. I had to go to my 6th folder and post the 6th picture and tell you the story behind it. Since I got tagged twice I picked one picture from my computer files and one from my 6th flickr set.
The picture above is for a pair of socks I knit for my mom. They're called Watermelon Tootsies. They were the 2nd or 3rd pair of socks I knit and were a lot of fun. I gave them to my mom at Christmas. Guess what?! They were too small so I get to rip them out and do them over. Good thing it's a project I enjoyed! If you're on Ravelry you can find the pattern and other details here.
The picture below is something I was planning on blogging about but just hadn't gotten around to it. Last weekend I took a binding class at the Olde Green Cupboard. As most of you know, I'm a new quilter. I'm trying to take classes to learn as many techniques as I can. I've heard a lot about binding and if you're a quilter, it's a necessary skill. I read a lot of blogs and it seems that there are a lot of different techniques out there and some people just don't like binding. So I was a bit nervous. There was no need. Carolyn (seated in the dark top) is a fantastic teacher! I loved it! I didn't finish the hand sewing in class but later that night (while curled up with G watching the worlds 2 worst movies) I finished it up. Nothing scary at all! I haven't taken pictures of my final "project" but will later.
One thing I've found with both knitting and quilting is that classes are a must for me. It takes all the frustration out of trying to figure out something new. I've been knitting for a year and I don't think I'd be as far as I am skill wise on my own. I believe I'm going to have the same level of progress with quilting. My next quilt class is a technique class where I'll learn a lot of things I haven't done before - triangles, curved pieces, one block has applique, curved border, etc. I'm very excited and hope there is the required level of participation so the class won't get cancelled!
Oh! I'm supposed to tag 6 people too! If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!
Happy Friday!


Simone de Klerk said...

I really thought you had more experience with knitting, with all the work you showed us. I have knitted for year but can definitely not make the patterns you can!
So I am very confident about your quilting in a year! You are really talented. I'm glad you decided to do this all!
Have a nice weekend!

Barb said...

Jackie, I love the socks...I am sure you mom did too once you redid them. I can't stand socks or shoes...always going barefoot. I guess I am in the right place.

I wish I lived near a quilting store...never have really..I am envious of that. Go and enjoy but give me a few tips every now and then.

Can't wait to see your finished product. Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

Candace said...

Jackie, I love the name of the socks! And it's good to hear you are taking advantage of classes! I am entirely a self-taught quilter, but even so, I've begun to take classes the past couple of years and it seems there is always something new to learn!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Those socks are adorable! My very first pair of socks, I got one of the socks too short... I wore them yesterday and was thinking I needed to rip them out and reknit them :) hehe

You asked on my blog what Sock yarn I was using to knit my Mom socks. It's the Patons Kroy Jacquards The color is called Denim Jacquards, I love the way it strips up as well :)

congrats on the classes, If we had some knitting classes available in our area I'd take them. I'd love to learn more techniques. Nothing wrong with better educating yourself about your hobbies :)

La Nina said...

I love those socks too! Such a juicy color combination. I knit some socks in october, and while the first one fit, the second one was two inches too short, so these things can happen even with more knitting experience!

Deb said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I sure have enjoyed yours. I also love knitting and quilting. As a matter of fact I too am working on a couple of blocks from Egg Money Quilts to encorporate into a Quilt for my Mom's Birthday. I'll keep stopping by. Thanks again Deb