Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trouble Makers

These socks are trouble makers. Not because of the pattern. Because G (my husband) Has the strangest feet ever. They're not giving me the "warm fuzzy" feeling I thought I would get from knitting G socks. Not. At. All.

This might be the first as well as the last pair of socks he gets from me.

I know the story about never knitting your boyfriend a sweater. Is there a story about knitting for your husband? Am I stumbling into some kind of territory that someone should warn me about?
In other knitting news, I ripped my Fair Isle project back (to the black line). My tension was just way too tight. I've loosened up quite a bit and things are now going smoothly again!


Corrina said...

I've *never* made the man socks. I'm a bad wife. But we're pretty happy? I don't know!

She Knits Socks said...

My sympathies on the socks. Sock knitting should be fun. My husband just told me up front not to knit him any socks. He said his feet get too hot. That was good enough! All the socks for ME.